HP Spectre Ultrabook Teaser Video Reveals Great Video Production


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Eventually, laptops won't even be seen. They'll be thinner than air, at least that's where were headed in the battle for the world's thinnest Ultrabook. Look for this word to trend heavily in 2012 as we see laptop manufacturers release their specs with measurements which will look like 0.50282827 inches, trying to out-do the competition by marginal differences.

As of now, the thinnest Ultrabook on the market is the LG XNote Z330 which measures in at an impressive 0.58 inches thick. However, if this epic HP Spectre video shows us anything it's that they're pulling out all the stops. The video tells us absolutely nothing, but you don't throw in a mysterious song with a chant unless you have something amazing to reveal. Not to mention a logo with a special effect animation. Hopefully we'll know more soon enough.