Howard Stern Laughs At NBC And Its “Threatening Kind Of Comment”

    August 28, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Howard Stern is apparently upsetting some of the execs at NBC, the network for which he appears as a judge on the show America’s Got Talent. He’s been talking about Jay Leno and the company’s budget cuts, and the celebrity DJ said on his Sirius show that he received a threatening comment from one of the execs.

“I did hear from them actually,” Stern said on the program. “I got sort of a threatening kind of comment from one of the executives. I was laughing my ass off…I said do not tell me not to talk about Jay Leno. I will f–ing talk about Jay for four hours if you tell me not to. I was done with Jay, now I’m all fired up again. F— Jay. Take my job away from me. Who cares?”

“I will never, ever endorse Jay…” Stern said.

“They basically accused me of not knowing anything about the budget cuts, and I’m like of course I…I have theories…so what if I don’t know about the budget cuts? I’ll make it like I do know about it,” Stern said on the program.

“I don’t answer to anybody,” he said. “Everyone knows that. That’s part of the game. And that’s why I’m a great f—ing judge. I will tell people if they suck.”

“It’s pretty obvious I don’t know anything about the budget cuts over at NBC,” he noted. “So who cares what I think? Nobody cares what I think. Nobody takes seriously what I think.”

At one point in the show, Stern said, “Jay Leno’s the biggest wuss on the planet. He’s a backstabbing c–bag that I don’t give a s— about. I don’t care who I work for.”

As long as it’s available, you can listen to the segment via the following YouTube clip (hat tip to Business Insider):

The other day, DolphinsTalk tweeted at Stern, suggesting NBC is now messing with him on America’s Got Talent:

To which he replied:

  • Jen

    Howard Stern…a pig.

    • Larry

      wanna see a pig..look in the mirror

      • David Scudder

        so true.

    • Ben


    • KO

      How do you know? When is the last time you heard the show and the last time you heard him being a pig?

  • Jeremiah

    I appreciate the fact that Howard can be straight forward as a judge, but please Stern, just get over the Jay Leno situation. It’s been done. Get over it.

  • Jeremiah

    …also making threats, NBC, shame on you. You’re a great television station, but please do not make threats.

  • kongoman

    Bababooey…bababooey….Howard Stern’s penis.

    • Jim




  • http://www.dealstatic.com jenny

    Jay Leno is the WORST!!!! Howard is gracing you with ratings NBC…

  • http://webpronews.com Barbara Jones

    When you have a little penis, you always have a big nasty mouth.

  • http://webpronews.com Barbara Jones

    Men who have a littl penis always have a big mouth.

    • junkwaffles

      why are you so worried about the size of his penis? sounds like he turned you down so now youre trying to get back at him lol.

    • KO

      He will totally admit he has a little package. This is NOT news.

  • Pat K

    NBC, the network without a news division.

  • BT

    First This guy stinks as a judge, He should be FIRED!!! Second I respect Jay way more then I would respect this joker ever, Stern is a BIG MOUTH who followers are the low life assholes that live for fighting, drinking, and not giving a dam about anyone!! I say PISS ON HOWARD STERN!!!

    • JIMMY

      YOU ARE A FOOL , AND JAY IS A FOOL. Jay is a lowlife scumbag
      and I would assume that if you respect him you have a low I.Q. and live in an rv.

    • KO

      I am not a low life loser who lives for drinking. So where are you getting your misinformation? He is great and honest. Judges are there to JUDGE people and tell the good and the bad.


    WHY IS THIS NEWS? HOWARD talked about this last week on his show.
    this was not news last week, much less 7 days after the fact. Did the writer hear a rerun of last weeks show? AND… BA BA BOOIE BA BA BOOIE

  • http://yahoo.com Dick

    This ” Man?” is not worth the time to talk about!

    • KO

      Evidentally he is worth it that is why he is trending and that is why they are putting this on the net, like a week or 2 after he said it. Everyone luvs the publicity and they will ride his coattails for more and more publicity. He is the King of All media after all.

  • dmadesign baba booey


  • Jon Deutl

    This is all an attempt by Howard to deflect attention away from the fact that the ratings for AGT are at an all-time low and his supposed loyal fanbase of millions is a myth. He’ll use this tiff with NBC as an excuse for why he’s not coming back next year instead of admitting he was fired because he’s irrelevant and untalented, just like his gold-digger wife.

    • Mark L.

      I have to agree. I used to listen to Howard years ago. His show just got to the stupid point when I stopped listening to him. The last show I remember was where I think a college girl needed bus fare to get back home and he made a deal with her to pay her fare if he could throw bologna sandwiches at her Tits. I remember thinking, ‘is this the best he can come up with?!!?

      • funktron

        But you listened, right? Probably until the end.

  • junkwaffles

    ok so this was from a week ago why is it just now news? also everyone, including the nbc brass, knew going into this that howard hates jay leno thats why they dont push him into appearing on jays show. jay has stole countless bits from howard (including stuttering john). it all stems from talk about the budget cuts at jays show which howard clearly states he has no idea about it. nbc already screwed howard over before and they realized the mistake they made by his huge following that has become subscribers to sirius xm in order to continue to listen to him and thats the only reason they brought him to agt and moved the live show to newark nj from california.

  • KO

    Howard you are the best. Please stay on NBC and AGT forever so you can aggravate these people who know absolutely nothing. #howardsternspenis

  • angel

    F-Jay…. He lives from his stand up money. He makes sure to tell you I don’t touch my NBC salary. I love Howard. The best Radio Host on the Planet. Long live STERN… 100% Honest. Viva La Revolucion. Peace & Love… Peace & Love….. Hello,hello

  • David Scudder

    Unless he’s mentally challenged, Howard Stern is the poorest excuse for a human being that I know of.

    • RxComplex

      Wow, did you think that up by your little ol self?

  • David Scudder

    I feel sorry for whomever is married to this gutless ignorant repulsive pig acting as a human.

    • uli

      if you dont listen to the show, you are hardly qualified to judge him.

    • Jim

      Very narrow minded of you.

  • Charles lewis

    For all you bible thumping mid western right wing people that think Stern is the devil, I say go f yourself. You don’t know all of the facts and you seem like the type of people to beleive everything you read. First and foremost Stern and Howie Mandel aren’t fueding and two Jay Leno rips off everybody like Stern and Letterman. He has no orginal thought or imagination. By the F Jackie and Baba Booie to you too.

  • Jim

    Howard is great.. AGT is at an all time high….. dunno what you haters are talkin about..

  • Adam

    Howard Stern is the most untalented guy in the history of entertainment. Jay Leno actually can write jokes. Who’s on top of late night tv. Jay Leno, no matter what Howard says Jay’s the winner, on top of late night TV for twenty plus years. Say what Howard. Howard just relies on those moronic clowns around him to create an awful show. Just a no talent. All these baba booey spouting clones, are the biggest losers, who end up having loser kids as well.

    • Jim

      Jay Leno has writers genius..One of them is a former Stern writer…

      • Adam

        You moron, you think Stuttering John actually wrote much. How many jokes do you think he writes, note the distinction, Jay writes his own jokes for his standup that he does every weekend. He has 11 writers on the Jay Leno show. John is the worst one. Do you really think he wrote on the Stern show?

        • Adam

          Another point moron, John left to double his salary. Until the Sirius move, almost all the staff on Stern’s show received chump change. Stern didn’t try to get them paid at CBS and ultimately John left when Jay doubled his salary and moved him to California. You as a moron would have probably turned that deal down and profess your love to Stern who has no discernible talent.

          • Jim

            All valid points… John must have had some talent for Jay to want him.. i dont thing the name calling is necessary.. but to each his won i suppose

    • Greg

      The most positive thing about your comment Adam is that you don’t know what you’re talking about..then it kind of goes down hill from there.

      • Adam

        I do know Stern has no talent. Jay versus Stern, who’s more talented. Stern got off on misogyny and racist jokes with that hack Robin there. He appeals to mindless idiots who believe he’s a legend because they had nothing else to do but masturbate to the wretches he put on the show and laugh at the worst sophomoric jokes appealing to the dregs of society.

        • Jim

          Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are better than Leno.

          • ken

            Jim – because you do not get it – no problem. Because this is America – you are entitled. But painting with a really broad brush shows your stupidity….just saying.

            I would take HS over JL any day or night of the week…hands down.

          • ken

            Adam…sorry Jim!

    • geturass2mars

      Howard is hands down the best interviewer out there and an honest and ballsy broadcaster. Whoever writes Jays material, it’s corny and recycled and quite boring. Jay’s interview style is to tip toe around his guest with his tongue up their ass.

    • IBI

      For someone who thinks Howard Stern is an untalented guy, you know a lot about his show, the sidekicks and his history on radio. You have to be listening to know all those details.

    • RxComplex

      Ever consider having your mouth boarded up?…jealous little prick

    • slam

      jay doesnt write his stuff the writers do
      howard talks for 4 hours and makes it up as they go
      plus howard has over 15million people listening everyday
      jay has what like 3 mill whos the winner dump ass

  • joe2892002@yahoo.com

    first of all, Stern never comprimised what he did or does for anyone….
    That guy never changed for money or a job…it was his way or no way.
    I doubt Leno can say that.
    The only way Leno makes it in TV is by appealing to MidWestern simpeltons that no one gives a rats ass about.
    Now Middies, go thump your bible and say, “aww shucks” and ride a tractor through your drought infested corn fields.
    How many of you low life Mid-Westerners, who secretly watch way to much porn, can say you never once in your life kissed ass to get a job or a loan to buy more land?
    Bet all of you did

    • rin

      hey now, joey. why don’t y’all come walk through one of our corn fields here in the midwest and see what happens to yourself with that attitude.

      you’ll wish the only thing you got thumped with is a bible.

      of course, that is if you’re not too busy pulling on your own pud while you’re get corn-holed by your coastal “buddies” (wink-wink).

    • sdwhitt

      You do realize there are more people in the midwest than in NYC right? I know your school systems suck up there that’s why your mayor has to try and ban big sodas so you fat fucks will quit expanding. Just think about all the great things that NYC has created. Plunger rape, crack houses, and The Strokes.
      This “controversy” is so Howard can quit the show before they fire him. NBC thought that the he would help ratings but they haven’t moved that much. Probably because of most of his fans cannot afford TV;s since they spend all the money they make at McDonald’s on satellite radios. Now he can spend more time in trading favors to get his talentless wife TV gigs.

  • Tom

    Awesome Howard! Keep swinging at he pile of NBC turds. They are the reason that NBC has nothing watchable…

  • shawn


    • Gregg Lojo

      Say what you want about Howard Stern. Most people don’t really know the man, they formed an opinion based on something they heard or what someone told them about Howard. Truth is , he is honest and loyal and one hell of a self promoter. Give his show a chance now. A show that has evolved like most people do over that many years. He has excellent interviewing skills, and doesn’t find anything too outrageous to talk about. Anyone who comes on his show knows he pulls no punches, and if you don’t like it don’t do the show. These days , any celeb who goes on his show knows they will get a great bump up in any project they are promoting. By the way I got Sirius for Howards show, but find the rest of the channels are great also.

  • T

    What comes around goes around. Keep it up Stern Baby

  • Someone

    “Nobody cares what I think or say” Except one idiot exec over at NBC, lol.

    Keep at it Howard!!! There’s Paul Pierce and then there’s you… “The Truths”!!!

    • sd

      The King of all Media speaks again and I listen. Howard Stern rules!

  • MarsBlackman04

    LOVE IT! Stern is the best BABABABABA BOOEY!

  • Pete

    Howard you are a disgusting pig and not qualified to be a Judge on any kind of show. Just go to your Strip Clubs and that will brink back memories of the Skanks you had on your Television Show that I couldn’t stand. Jay Leno is one of the Classiest Men in the Business and even took a paycut to keep more employees on the Show. As for Conan he wasn’t funny and never will be Funny except his damn hair. He lost money for the Tonight Show for the first time in it’s History and the ratings dropped to an all time low. He was offered the Show at a later time slot but quit and got 35 million dollars for being worthless. Jay is number 1 on the late night Show and has been since he took over for Johnny Carson because he is FUNNY!!! Howard, your just a fouled moutth Ugly scum bag that doesn’t desrve a Radio Show muchless be a Judge on America’s Got Talent. Conan would be a great Mime if he put on the make up because he does so many stupid hand gestures. By the way Ms. Stern you look like a Ugly Woman so cut you damn hair asshole!!!! You would never take a paycut to save other employees Jobs because your a tight wad and need the extra money for the Strippers.

    • Nonya Biznazz

      You’re an idiot to think Jay’s funny, so go fuck yourself.

  • Linds

    HOWARD STERN speaks the truth thats why it hurts people! PEOPLE!!! deal with it! WHHOOO hoooo Stern ROCKS!!!!! Love you

  • foxmulder241

    Stern doesn’t have half the class Jay Leno does, Jay Leno is a real man with real talent Stren is over grown juvenile delinquent who if he hadn’t gotten on the radio would be in prison

    • Reid

      Are you crazy? Leno is a joke! Really classy how he stabbed Conan in the back. Had Howard stayed on free radio he would still be number one in every major market.

    • aj

      Jay Leno has never been funny nor ever wiil be.

    • Rob

      You’re nuts.. Stern is ten times funnier than Jay Leno. Jay hasn’t been funny in 30 years (there was a time he was pretty good at stand-up). NBC screwed over Letterman too, seems to be a trend with the Tonight Show.

  • Bettie

    I just do not care for him as an entertainer or someone that speaks for me. I do what most people are able to do when he comes on I shut it off and do not have to pay any favor or attention to him

  • JR

    STERN RULES! All hail the King!!! baba booey!!!

  • Ericthemidget

    HEY NOW!!!!! Jay Leno can suck my tit. Long live Howard the King of All Media!!!!

    • babbafooey

      Howard is a big nose jew who lost his audience long ago, he stuck on some show were all the losers get to judge other people..what a loser big nose stork.

  • Elephant Boy


    Jay is gay.

  • bill

    I havnt heard howard since his FCC outster. He is absoulutly right about lenno he’s a clown, and not even a good clown all real clowns are very special. Howard talks about Conan, which was more unbelievable than NBC, GE,and clowny lenno, f…, Dave , the Late Show Was Daves. Period. that was his JOB and we all have suffered from it as a public and also loosing Sterns relativeness most of us miss daily. Hope he makes back to public arena as before. It was a beautiful thing. Never laughed so much in my life almost daily. Howard was the best and he would tell he is a weird guy.

    • Alejandro

      He was never ousted by the FCC. His contract with CBS expired and he left after various unsuccessful attempts to negotiate a new deal.

  • babbafooey

    Howard is a cheap big nose money hungry loser

  • babbafooey

    Fuck howard and his money…fucking coward

  • Timothy

    LOL. This was last week. Way to be on top of things webpronews.

  • kervin snider

    both howard and bill mar would do us all a faver get run over by the same bus

    • Arlene Sediqzad


  • babbafooey

    Howard tried to do a talk show many times. guess what if failed many times, he is only good at making stupid comments and need his little cheering entorage, if Leno sucks so bad why do so many people watch him?? Why is howard on some satellite program and some stupid reality show???

    • gaby

      ur a dumbass if howard failed so many soppously times he wouldnt get paid 500 million dollars for a five year contract with sirius u dumbass

      • Dave

        And that’s why sirius is bankrupt…

        • Jackie

          Desperation. It’s the howard stern desperation ploy. Sirius was desperate so they hired him and threw money at him to justify the hiring. Just like NBC hired him. They were desperate and just like any show that hires the vapid wife of his is majorly desperate

  • Christina

    Regardless of how you feel about Leno, Howard Stern is disgusting human being.

    • Percilla

      Howard Stern is a fucking idiot!! you are right howard, nobody cares what you have to say….

  • X

    I hate Howard but he’s in a positon that we all wish we were in where he has enough money to do and say whatever he wants, and god bless him for it. He’s suing Sirius (a company that bends over backwards for him) for $75 million, does NBC really think they have a chance?

  • Austin

    I can’t stand Howard Stern anyways. I think he is a sleeze-bag with no talent.

    • Chris

      I think Austin blows. Ba Ba booey!

  • willie leach

    Stern is a sell out.

  • Tony

    Stern is a jerk and everyone knows it! Why NBC even hired the smuck is one of their dumbest moves. After listening to him insult people I stopped watching ‘America’s Got Talent’. He’s got a big mouth. . .If you want to get viewers, have one of the contestants punch him in the face when he insults them. It would be GREAT VIEWING and I’m sure the ratings would go up!!!!!


    If you don’t like Stern why are you postinging a comment or even rading this page. Because you want to see what he will say next.

  • Jack

    Since most of you did hear what Howard said about the budget cut on the tonight show, i will give a short and sweet paraphase, The news was the tonight show budget was getting cut and Howard said it was just a cover so he did have to fire staff members he did not want on the show any more. It was done so it would not make Jay look like the jerk he is. Jay’s salary isnt being cut only the show budget and Howard said if Jay wanted to prevent layoffs Jay could have had his salay cut. Howard pointed this out that Jay threw his own people under the bus.

    • Justa

      Its amazing he talks about anything but AGT and Howard TV on his radio show. The guy made almost 100 million dollars and cant put any effort into his show anymore. Pathetic

    • Howard the Tard

      OK, and Howie is making HOW MUCH at SIRI, while SIRI hemorrhages cash??? Let’s not put a person on a pedestal when Howie is talking out of the hole between his butt cheeks. He’s a hypocritical, zero talent – always was, always will be. Funniest comment ever that drove Howie boy nuts when Johnnie Cochran was asked about Howie, he called Howie an “enigma.” It drove Howie nuts because he’s an insecure, hypocritical blabber mouth who will sell his family for a buck.

  • Beth O

    Me Me Me Me Me Me Me

  • Beth Ostrosky

    I sold my motherhood and soul to the devil in return for a house in the hamptons and a D level acting career.

  • Barney Rubble

    Howoard Stern is an A-hole.

    • Mike

      So is your Mother. BaBaBooey!!

  • sservice

    People still listen to this guy? He’s so 1995 lol

  • Steak for 2 for 1

    All you Stern haters go away. From each of your comments you clearly base your opinions on some preconceived notion of the man without any actual facts. So here is a fact, dude is the funniest cat around and has been doing it for over 25 yrs. Name someone else who has transformed a medium and crossed over into several others with great success over a 25 plus yr career. Here is another fact, Leno is a rip off artist hack comedian and is notoriously known in the comedy community from stealing other comedians materials and calling it his own.

    ps-babbafooey get a life and bring your hate somewhere else bigot boy.

    • Howard Stern Is a Tool

      No, we won’t go away…

  • Guy Miller

    Howard is the King. He never lets people tell him how to find happiness or success. I wish more people would stop caring about “what people think” and DO YOUR BEST – Go Howie GO Howie – Go Michigan State University. Beat the scum bag U of M Wolverines saps and losers

  • Kiernan

    baBA BOOEY

  • Alison Stern

    Howard Stern is a dbag. I should know! He is a HASbeen who needed to age down to a dingbat because he couldn’t handle a real woman who has a brain. He sucks as a judge, he sucks as a lover, he sucks as a man and human being, lol! SUX!

    • Jackie Martling

      I would have to agree with that…

  • Annoyed

    Jay Leno is not funny, PERIOD.

    This asshole makes twenty someodd million a year and all of those they had to let go would probably have made less then a million combine and yet the jerk couldn’t cut back more on his contract. Craig Ferguson is the ONLY funny late nite guy on television.

    Letterman sux. Conan Sux (with Wil Ferral on every other night) Jimmy fallon is REALLY NOT FUNNY. And Kimmel SUX TOO.

  • Me

    Why is Howard Stern still on the air? They need to take him and his evil twin Katie Couric and throw them both down the same septic tank hole. Who cares what either of them have to say?

    • Mike

      I care Jerk off. Who cares what you think? Anyone who puts Katie Couric and Howard Stern together is an idiot. You Sir, are an idiot.

  • Zar

    LOL so many haters … too funny that they read this and comment with hate. Folks I dislike…I never even read/click/or fart in their general direction. I don’t care about em. For me its simple, its all about the the Benjamins Baby. Networks(radio/tv) need to generate revenue… Like or Dislike Stern he generates revenue, sells ads. So apparently all you haters out there are just helping in keeping him on … BAA HAAA HAAA!
    Go Howard.. who’s your daddy.. go Howard

    • tex ward

      You go Howard. I feel the same way you and Hank Wlliams JR. on your personal feelings about the budget and Leno, etc.If you have
      not heard him, go to you tube and tell me what you think. Thanks Howard, ride on brother.

  • john fredricks

    Jay gave up half his pay for his crew so they could stay employed. something none of your dirt-bags or Howard stern would do. Howard stern made millions appealing to the lowest denominator on the planet, truck drivers, white trash and lower intelligence dirt bags. If you like Howard stern you are a low life dirt bag .Jay Leno on his worst day is better than Stern on his best. deal with it MORONS.