How to Write Copy That Turns More Website Visitors into Buyers

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You’re getting lots of visitors, but not a lot of sales. How can you increase the number of buyers without increasing traffic? Design, usability and layout have an impact on sales, but your words are what really sell — or don’t.

Start by evaluating your web copy. If you were a stranger visiting your website, would you believe your offer? Is it worth the price you are charging for it? If not, it’s time to reevaluate your offer.

You must overcome risk — when shopping online, customers can’t touch or feel your product like they can in a store. So you have to communicate the VALUE of your offer. Tell them how they will benefit and how much they are getting for their money.

Another way to overcome risk is to offer a guar*ntee. “100% money-back guar*ntee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money, no questions asked.” Lessening the risk involved in buying your product puts your customers at ease and opens their minds to buying. Reassure them on other pages of your website and on your order form.

If you’re in a service business where customers can’t return the product, then guar^ntee the solution you provide. For example, a graphic designer could guar^ntee that the project is completed on time and budget. A plumber may guar*ntee that your pipes won’t leak anymore.

Guar^nteeing your work shows that you stand behind your claims and believe in your products.

Another way to entice visitors to buy is by offering fr*e samples. Sweeten the deal with something fr*e and you are sure to gain your prospects’ attention. Offer a fr*e trial subscription to your magazine, a fr*e three-day supply of your wrinkle cream, or a fr*e estimate. Service businesses can offer a fr*e consultation or “how-to” booklet.

Give details. Write exciting, interesting descriptions next to each product photo (you do have photos up, right?). Include as many details as you can. The more information a prospect has, the more she/he will trust you.

Solve problems. Let visitors know what problems your product or service solves. Don’t be afraid to describe the problems. Once you do that, show visitors what their life will be like after they buy your product. Tell them how your customers use your product and benefit from it — visitors will identify with real life examples.

Are there testimonials on your web site? Nothing enforces your credibility more than other customers’ experiences. Whenever you get complimentary letters or emails from satisfied customers, ask their permission to reprint them. Including their first and last names along with their companies and cities where they live enhances credibility.

Focus your copy. It is said that people don’t read on the net. Don’t take this to mean that your copy can be sloppy and generic. If in doubt, hire someone else to write it for you. Be specific with details. It is also said “The more you tell, the more you sell.” Provide prospects with lots of information on a well-written site.

Finally, capture your visitors’ email addresses. In exchange for their email addresses, offer something fr*e, such as an ezine, updates on special offers or fr*e information. (You can automate this by setting up an autoresponder.) When you obtain their permission to contact you, you are able to follow up with them later and build a relationship. Over time, they will get to know and trust you and you will have a better chance of making a sale.

When you evaluate your website copy, you may find any number of things that can hinder your sales, but mostly it will be your copy. Make these simple improvements to your words and you offer and you will sell more.

Linda Elizabeth Alexander is a business writer and marketing consultant
specializing in web and sales copy. Contact her today to get your free
consultation! http://www.write2thepointcom.com

How to Write Copy That Turns More Website Visitors into Buyers
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