How To Use The Keyword Planner, According To Google

    April 24, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Google has released a new video about how to use the Keyword Planner. If this isn’t something you’ve messed around with much yet, give it a watch.

Google killed the old AdWords Keyword Tool last summer in favor of the Keyword Planner. More on that here.

Google has been releasing a lot of short little AdWords tips videos lately. Here’s one from yesterday when they answered user-submitted questions.

Image via YouTube

  • wertwert

    And the example in the video shows you can get 566 clicks per day at a cost of $3670 per day which comes to an average CPC of $6.48… which is why we are all moving our ad spend to other marketing channels. I hope Yahoo and Bing see how broken Google’s CPC modeling is and what a big opportunity they have to gain marketshare by doing a better job.

    • wertwert

      Used Cars is such a terrible example too. Most people get drawn in online but convert on location. This causes a huge disconnect between which ads and groups lead to which conversions… and at an avg CPC of $6.48 it is a HUGE risk to fly blind.