How To Solve The Monster Puzzle Using 7 Rules Of The Game

    June 26, 2003

I wrote this series of articles with just one objective in mind – to help you understand how to peel off the confusion, and carve out YOUR way to success.

For the purpose of this article, the term “monster puzzle” in its intended meaning refers to the complex nature of the HUGE Internet.

I’m sure you must have solved a puzzle, or at least tried solving it once in your lifetime. As you know, solving a puzzle requires some pre-arrangement of puzzle pictures in order to get it solved, solving a monster puzzle is no different. The only exception to rule is you ends up making money.

Now imagine if the puzzle gets bigger as in case of the Internet.

– What will you do?

– How will you arrange puzzle pieces?

– How can you determine the time it will take to get solved? And, more importantly…

– How can you make sure you’re doing it right?

So is there a solution to it? You ask! Well, there certainly IS a solution.

And surprisingly it’s quite simple, but only if followed in a proper and a step-by-step way. Just follow these 7 killer rules of the game, and all I can say is the monster WILL get tamed. GUARANTEED!

So lets find out why these 7 rules serves as the backbone of your Internet business. And why they’re absolutely critical for your online success. Here I’ll cover the first rule, the remaining rules can be found at

Look Before You Leap — Carve Out a Niche

This is like a puzzle picture provided with puzzle game. Just as it’s absolutely vital to have a puzzle picture in place while solving the puzzle, carving a niche for your business is an absolute MUST for today’s successful Internet business.

A niche can be defined as a small targeted and focused area of any business entity that offers a unique program, or benefit, satisfying a common NEED of like minded people.

I often get asked by people why I emphasize so much on this rule. And I always said:

It’s The Golden Rule for Success.

Nevertheless, it’s potential is widely under estimated by many amateurs on the Net. Identifying a niche requires a particular mindset. You can’t come up with a niche in a flash until you really understand how to go about it. You can only come up with a well defined niche by having the right attitude towards a concrete, and clear objective in mind.

I’ve heard so many people saying, I found my niche and I’m targeting the right audience. For example, people often say, I’m catering to women with health care products. While this surely sounds jerky, it can’t be regarded as a niche. You just can’t target your business at women and call it a niche.

As stated in one of my article on “focus”, you need to go through a certain hierarchy in order to find your niche. For example, if you’re targeting women in business, your hierarchy may well be drawn something like this… women -> women’s health -> pregnancy -> nutritional requirement in pregnancy -> semi liquid food supplement -> finally your product, with a clear and distinct benefit.

Be as much specific as possible. Put your entire force towards a single specific value driven business model, rather than getting generalized and trying to sell everything under one roof. In simple terms, by narrowing your business focus you’ll effectively broaden sales. You’ll end up make more money this way.

Whats more… since you’re the first person in carving your own niche, your chances of becoming an AUTHORITY in your field raises significantly high. Why? Because…

– You’re the one who created the concept

– You have the passion

– You’re incharge

– You make them visualize the true worth of your product

– You have the resources

– You make them feel the need for your product, and only

– You’re the one who could provide them what they need

– Sounds like a lot of work ahead!

Well, not really.

In fact, its the simplest and easiest thing you can do with your business to make money. I mean a LOT more money.

How? By establishing yourself as an “expert” in your field.

The best example I can give you practicing THIS technique is of a man who have won the reputation of being a respected Affiliate Programs Guru on the net.

Yup! Allan Gardyne.

I had an opportunity to interview him lately. If you’d like to get his success secrets, and wants to know how he did it, check out his exclusive interview at the following URL:

To be an expert you don’t necessarily need to have lot of knowledge or expertise. Needless to say you can get started right away with what you already know or enjoy doing in your spare time, and preferably have a passion for it too. Soon, you’ll develop the expertise required to make your business positioned at a particular concept that you choose.

Just try to be a little bit “different” than the rest.

Once you have positioned yourself online as an expert in a specific niche, you will outgrow automatically into more related profitable areas. Your credibility in such areas will carry more weight than if you would attempt to offer “everything under one roof” approach.

Also, it’s much easier to survive with your mistakes in a niche that’s experiencing rapid growth, than in one that’s stagnant, or is shrinking, because the competition is almost equal to none.

Another great benefit of having a narrow niche is the fact that visitors to your site will have a greater interest in what you offer. Why? Because your product or service is highly targeted to them, and you aim to solve their specific problem.

What this means is your visitors are pre-qualified with a ready to buy attitude, i.e., they are almost already 50-60% convinced. The rest is your job. Make your Web site simple and attractive with a killer copy, and with useful content that further persuades them to make a purchase.

It really makes no sense starting or running an Internet business without identifying a niche. If you’re really determined to get success on the Net, this is the way to go.

Do some positive brainstorming, relate different things around you trying to get into a specific niche, and add value. You will eventually come up with a great idea. And a great idea is the spark for a big explosion.

There are TONS of other benefits that makes defining a niche an absolute necessity. Especially on the Internet. For more info, check out my other niche building articles and resources on my website at:

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