How To Reindex Google Desktop?

    March 6, 2006

This one kind of surprises me. Turns out there’s one glaring omission in Google Desktop: It doesn’t notice when you move a file.

As reported by the Mercury News, when you move a file around on your computer, Google Desktop Search doesn’t notice it. Since GDS only indexes when you install it, and adds new files to the index as you create / edit them. However, it doesn’t scan your hard drive, even when you’re doing absolutely nothing, so if it doesn’t catch your files in the first place, it never will.

This is a pretty annoying problem, and Google’s solution is just plain stupid. To reindex your hard drive, Google suggests you uninstall and then reinstall Desktop Search. Really? You expect to compete with Windows Vista with this?

MSN Desktop Search indexes your hard drive when you’re doing nothing. Why can’t Google do that, or during off hours, or at least have a button to trigger a reindexing? I’d think that reindexing was pretty important. Maybe Google wants to build that feature in before Windows Vista (and its robust, integrated desktop search) hits stores later this year.

(via Barry Schwartz)

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