How To Pick A Product To Resell Online

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Here’s a really simple way to keep 100% profit by selling a product that you did not create. How? You can do that by buying resale rights to other products to sell online.

The main 3 advantages you can get from selling a product that you own the resale rights are:

1. You don’t need to spend your time to create it.

2. You’ll have a system. Normally, when you buy the resale rights to a product, it’ll come as a package with all the marketing tools such as the salesletter, website, ads and so on.

3. You minimize the risk of failure. Instead of worrying whether the product that you want to create will be successful or not, you have a variety of choices to choose when selecting which product you want to buy the resale rights to.

The toughest part of profiting from this opportunity is selecting a profitable product to resell. There are A LOT of products that offer resale rights to buy. But most of them will not make you profit. YOU NEED to know how to SELECT the gold from the rocks.

Here are 5 guidelines to choose a resale right before buying:

1. Who is the creator?

The author or creator of the product plays a major role. For obvious reasons, customers will prefer to buy a product that is created by someone well-known rather than a new ‘player’ in the topic of the product. The name is like a brand. For instance, Anthony Robbins has very good credibility in self-empowerment. If he was to create a new product related to that same topic, what are the chances that it’s going to be the next best-seller? I’m sure it’s going to sell far better than any other self-empowerment books by new authors.

2. What’s the terms and conditions of selling it?

It’s important for you to know how the resale rights owner are allowed to sell it. If there’s no proper legal terms and conditions, avoid it. Without that, the owners of the resale right are allowed to resell the product anyway they want.

Assuming you own product X resale rights and selling it at $47.00 online. And another owner is selling it for $47.00 but inclusive of another 50 products as free gifts. Any smart customer will know who to buy from and they’re probably not going to buy from you. Even if they have bought from you, they’ll ask for a refund because they’ll feel ‘cheated’ as other owners are selling it off at better offer.

3. What’s the minimum price for selling it?

Similar to guideline # 3, there should be a strict minimum price to resell the product. You don’t want to end up in a price war with other resale rights owners because both of you will end up losing. Who’s the winner? The customer.

If you sell at $37.00 and someone else is selling at $27.00, guess who’s going to win the sale?

Don’t go into price war. You’ll hate it.

4. When were the resale rights made available to purchase?

I’ll try to buy resale rights that are offered during the first launch of the product itself. Sometimes, product owners will only release or sell the resale rights after selling the product for 1 year and so on. If it doesn’t ring a bell with you, most of the time the owner will sell the resale rights as a new income stream AFTER the income stream of selling the product Itself is stagnant or declining.

This means, the chances of you profiting from reselling the product is lower.

5. Does the product compliment your existing business or product?

It’s easier to sell a resale rights product if it’s related to your own business or the product you are currently selling. This is because, you have a ready-made list of potential customers to buy. Secondly, you can even use the resale rights product to hook your potential customer to buy YOUR OWN products.

I know buying resale rights and selling the product works because I’ve profited from it before.

Use these guidelines before you buy resale rights, and your chance of getting profit will be higher.

Are you ready now?

Patric Chan is the founder of The Chan Do Internet Success
System and co-creator of Win In The Niche Resale Rights
Package with the Master Business Optimizer, Stephen Pierce
at http://www.winintheniche.com/resale.html

How To Pick A Product To Resell Online
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About Patric Chan
Patric Chan is the founder of The Chan Do Internet Success System and co-creator of Win In The Niche Resale Rights Package with the Master Business Optimizer, Stephen Pierce at http://www.winintheniche.com/resale.html WebProNews Writer
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