How To Make Videos Like Matt Cutts’

    April 10, 2014
    Chris Crum
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The latest “Webmaster Help” video from Google isn’t so much a webmaster help video, but a discussion about how they actually make these videos. It’s meant to give some advice to businesses who want to utilize online video more.

There are some good, practical tips here for getting started easily and cheaply.

If you’ve ever wanted to make videos like Matt Cutts’ videos, you should give this one a watch.

There’s also the possibility of doing live video, of course. A recent report from Ustream finds that business use of live online video will double by 2016.

Image via YouTube

  • Michael Mathis

    ah, ah, yeah, ah. The dude on the left should never be a commentator, ah, ah, yeah, ah for ah video. Painful to listen to, very painful.