How To Help Typhoon Haiyan Victims


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Typhoon Yolanda, also called Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippine islands Friday, destroying many homes, businesses and farmlands. The typhoon is one of the worst on record in an area that is prone to bad typhoons and storms.

Typhoon Haiyan has caused much devastation in the Philippines, leaving many homeless and without personal possessions and food. The question on everyone's mind seems to be, "How Can I Help Typhoon Haiyan victims"? Even though you may be miles away from the Philippines, there are still ways you can help.

One of the easiest ways to help is to find an organization in your city that is collecting donations for the victims. Organizations such as the Red Cross, UNICEF and the Salvation army are all taking donations that will be used to provide aid for the victims of the typhoon.

These organizations and agencies may take food donations, monetary donations or donations of personal items such as blankets and toiletries. You can also collect donations in your community and turn them over to one of these organizations yourself. If you want to help in a more direct way, volunteer your services at one of these organizations and help sort, package and ship these items out to the victims.

During a natural disaster, many families are separated and have trouble finding each other in the various shelters and evacuation centers set up throughout the affected area. If you are in the Philippines or have any information about the whereabouts of a person or people who are missing, use the Typhoon Yolanda page to reunite the person or people with their families.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.