How To Get Wealthy Using The Power Of Just 2 Words!

    June 26, 2003

Many of you already know that I’m totally crazy when it comes to travelling and adventures. I just love discoveries.

Within a span of just seven months I along with Naush, have travelled three countries including Turkey, Italy and New Zealand, and we still have a serious plan to make yet another one for Germany.

We had loads n loads of fun during these three memorable journeys, which really made our lives easier and pleasant due to having some nice change from our routine work schedule.

I lost my day job because of this extensive travelling three months back. But that’s another story. I don’t regret it.

Only a few months ago, I made a decision that I won’t sacrifice any of my personal wishes just to stay in the job.

Life is certainly not about having a job and working 9 to 5 for someone else. Sure, to earn a living, you’ve got to sacrifice a lot of things, your freedom too, but you shouldn’t give up your dreams and start living an average life.

… that will be a big mistake.

Do you know what is that one thing which is common in every successful person’s life in the world? … They’re all dreamers.

This is YOUR life. You’re not going to get it a second time. To make things in your favor, you must take an audacious attempt to change the flow of your current lifestyle if you’re not happy with it. Thats my own belief.

Life needs a change. A break. Life is full of colors that can only be seen if you maintain a perfect balance, and keep a positive attitude even if things are not going in your favor.

Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going…

To me, life is all about discovering new places, making friends and learning from new experiences (whether good, or bad) that enable us to become more productive, and refined human beings.

Whenever I get back from a fun-filled journey, I noticed a fresh healthy attitude towards my work. And that is I believe is very much required, or I should say essential to make things work for you in a positive way.

I’ve been a workaholic for more than 12 years now, I learned a lot, spent countless hours in front of computers, but never had any significant success at any stage of my career.

But now everything has changed. I now work on my own timings. Usually not more than twenty hours a week. And earns enough to sail my own boat on the shore.

The Internet has made things so easy and manageable that if you make some initial efforts, and keep yourself passionately focused on what you do, with a little bit of dedication, I guarantee you’ll achieve true wealth. And thats exactly what I’m practicing right now. And I have started seeing some nice results too, even though I haven’t started my workings in the full swing yet. Even then, I am satisfied.

If you ask me, what’s the formula for success? I’ll say… Helping people achieve their financial, emotional and social problems. Thats the key to success.

And, on the Web, it means much much more.

I’m discussing all this because I know for sure that this is *the way* to go… Heck, a very few people actually does it. And these are the people who REALLY makes a living.

Opening up an amazing e-commerce store, with a wonderful shopping cart system, and a merchant account setup won’t get you big dollars in your bank account. Thats only going to cost you money.

…This is a big fallacy among most newbie entrepreneurs.

And, thats exactly where majority of people have failed — and will keep on failing until they come out of this short-sighted e-commerce myopia of aimlessly selling products to people.

I guess.. we badly need a change. A positive change. Change in terms of the way we think, change in terms of doing business online, and change in terms of managing our relationships. … Its something, that all of us very desperately need, but somehow or the other we’re unable catch it, or identify within ourselves.

True wealth *is* within you. Do not under estimate its power. I have experienced it myself. And, I have studied and observed very closely some people who actually got successful by utilizing the tremendous power of true wealth in their lives.

People say free is the most powerful word on the Internet. I say free might be powerful, but not as powerful as these two words that are still being used secretly by world’s top marketing minds in cyberspace.

Maintaining “focus” and being “helpful” to others.

So how do you make effective combination of these two words in your ebusiness strategy to get success on the Net? Simple.

1. Carve a neatly defined niche. You have a clear focus.

2. Be generous. People will consciously and unconsciously perceive you as a caring and helpful individual.

Result?… Increased Sales => Huge Profits => True Wealth.

Surprisingly, this is not something secret. Most of us are aware that if we wish to be wealthy (in true sense), we need to have the right attitude towards work and people.

If that is true then why don’t we practice it? Because human beings are curious and hasty by nature, they always look for secrets or shorcuts to generate wealth and make their life easier. And in doing so.. they loose everything.

So, if you really want to be wealthy and successful, you must focus sharply on a well defined business plan with a positive working attitude to help people in your selected niche.

That’s the formula for success, and to get wealthy.

If you’ve builtyour business on this premise, I’d love to hear your success story.

Likewise, if you’re going to build your business this way, you owe me a big thank you. 😉 Because soon, for sure you’ll be having a business that will not only make you wealthy, but you’ll be having a complete peace of mind with full freedom, and a luxurious lifestyle.

So focus. And focus with people in mind.

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