How to Convert PowerPoint to Flash Manually

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Converting PowerPoint to Flash would absolutely be a good choice to distribute your bulky PowerPoint Presentation.

You can do the whole PowerPoint-to-Flash conversion manually or with related softwares.

First, you’ll need to prepare the PowerPoint document. Make sure you are not using any complicated gradients or animations. These will be interpreted poorly when they are brought into Flash. Also, make sure there are no objects that fall outside the confines of the slide area. This will ensure that all the slides align correctly when they are imported to Flash. Now, save a copy of your presentation without any background images. You may want to also choose a contrasting background color to easily see the content of each slide. You all import the background images into Flash at a later time.

Second, choose File > Save As… from your PowerPoint document and save the presentation as a Windows Metafile (*.wmf). This will save your entire presentation as a sequence of files. WMF files keep all text.

Next, create a new Flash Document and resize the Stage to 720 x 540. Change the background color to black. Choose File > Import > Import to Stage… and import the first WMF file. When asked to import all of the images in the sequence, choose Yes. This will place each slide from your presentation onto a sequence of frames.

Then, create a new layer under the slides layer and import the images to use for your background. You’ll probably need two images, one for title slides and one for the regular slides.

Now it’s time for some manual labor. You’ll need to go through every frame of the movie and delete the solid background shape from your slides layer. Once this is complete, you should see the content of each slide with the correct background image behind it.

Finally, add a frame to the end of your movie. Place some static text on that frame that says something like “End of slideshow, click to exit.”

Alright, now it’s time to move on to some ActionScript. Create a new layer for your actions. There are a few statements you’ll need to include right away. First, you want this movie to play full screen so add an fscommand.

fscommand(“fullscreen”,”true”)-;To make sure the Stage resizes correctly specify the scaleMode.

Stage.scaleMode = “exactFit”; Finally, you don’t want the movie to begin playing through all the slides right away before the user starts clicking, so add a stop function.

stop(); You’ll need to include some functions that will be used frequently to navigate the presentation.

function gotoNextSlide():Void {
   if (_currentframe < _totalframes) {
      gotoAndStop(_currentframe + 1);
  } else {


function gotoPreviousSlide():Void {
  gotoAndStop(_currentframe - 1);


function gotoHome():Void {


function gotoEnd():Void {
  if (_currentframe < _totalframes) {
   gotoAndStop(_totalframes - 1);


function quit():Void {

Next, we need to handle all the keyboard and mouse events so that the user can navigate through the slides. We'll do this by creating a new listener object.

var myListener:Object = new Object();

myListener.onKeyDown = myOnKeyDown;
myListener.onKeyUp = myOnKeyUp;

myListener.onMouseUp = myOnMouseUp;
Mouse.addListener(myListener);-Here are the listener functions.

function myOnKeyDown():Void {
  if (Key.isDown(Key.DOWN) || Key.isDown(Key.PGDN)) {
  } else if (Key.isDown(Key.UP) || Key.isDown(Key.PGUP)) {
  } else if (Key.isDown(Key.END)) {
  } else if (Key.isDown(Key.HOME)) {


function myOnKeyUp():Void {
  if (Key.getCode() == 27) {


function myOnMouseUp():Void {


If that's too complicate to you, you can try some PPT to SWF software, like SameShow PPT to SWF Converter,MelodyPPT,Arbicate etc, all of them can help you convert PowerPoint to Flash with cool effects From http://www.sameshow.com.

Susan Zheng writes, teaches, trains and consults on business and professional presentations and eCommerce related matters. For more information PPT to SWF Converter visit http://www.sameshow.com.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Flash Manually
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  • Mark Brown

    Nice tutorial, I had tried to convert PowerPoint to Flash manually.
    But it is too complex.
    Then I tried to convert Powerpoint to Flash using the tool from http://www.sameshow.com It works fairly nice.
    Thanks again!

    • Akif Uzman

      None of the conversion programs on the web have done a good job converting my text-rich powerpoint presentation.

      • http://www.sameshow.com William Peterson

        If your text-rich PowerPoint presentations failed in conversion. Maybe you can send your files to us and we’ll reserch and fix our problems.

        • http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/ Anthony Grigor-Scott

          We have published a CD called “The Second Coming of Christ.” I have made some minor changes and deleted the Church Website to make it more readily understood by newcomers as we wish to place this new version on the Internet. The opening animation, audio and pptx files together are about 30MB. It contains 76 slides and the video “The Chicago Convention”.

          I believe it would be beneficial to convert from .pptx to Flash (or similar software) in order to post it on our Website. Being unfamiliar with Flash I have not yet changed the links to the associated teaching files included on the PP CD to the files on our Church Website. Also, most of the images are high resolution very large .tif files, I have not reduced the resolution as I do not know whether this is necessary with Flash, or if Flash takes care of this.

          I am a minister of the Gospel, and although I code and maintain the Website in HTML I have neither the time nor the confidence to attempt the learning curve that would be involved in a conversion which would certainly require manual adjustments. Neither would I know which conversion program would be most suited to this function. Moreover I do not believe I would be able to produce a satisfactory outcome.

          Do you know of someone who would be able and willing to do this conversion in our behalf at a (very) reasonable price?

          Yours sincerely in the love and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

          Your brother-in-Christ,

          Anthony Grigor-Scott
          Subscribe on-line for Bible Believers’ FREE Newsletter

  • Sunjons

    I’m planing to do it myself, thanks for your tutorial. Maybe, I’ll try ppt to flash conversion tool for comparison. good article.

  • Jason

    I had searched in google and tried lots of software can convert PowerPoint to Flash.But lots of them can not obtain my original PowerPoint animations. Does this one can convert PowerPoint to Flash with good quality?

    • William

      Wondershare PPT2Flash Standard can retain original PowerPoint transitions and animations in its accurate conversion. You can view a sample at http://www.sameshow.com/ppt2flash/powerpoint-to-flash-sample2.html

  • Peter

    Convert PowerPoint to Flash with a professional tool is more easy!

    • Monica

      I wonder whether there is a PowerPoint Addin to convert PowerPoint to Flash simply.
      And if there is a free PowerPoint to flash tool?

      • Bark

        If you already got PowerPoint 2007. Did you download the PowerPoint Add-in which can convert PowerPoint file to Flash?
        Would you like to test this add-in and tell me how it works?

        • Peterson

          Wah! The software works as a ribbon tab embedded in PowerPoint 2007. You’ll find surprise in testing it. Com’on!

      • Andy

        see iSpring site, they have a free product. it seems to work smoothly.

  • Akif Uzman

    I do not understand how to execute the following instruction: “You’ll need to go through every frame of the movie and delete the solid background shape from your slides layer.”

    Can you provide more detail?

    Akif Uzman

  • ZDude

    I have been using AuthorPoint from http://www.authorgen.com/authorpoint/index.htm for creating e-learning presentations in Flash from PowerPoint and their presentation software is definitely more than what they claim. At first instance, it might look like a simple PowerPoint to Flash converter, but when you really get down to using it, you find that it really has been designed for e-learning presentation lessons and is way ahead of anything else that is available in its price range.

  • Alex William

    I like Presentation To Video Converter

    This prog converts powerpoint to video, flash & burn to DVD.

  • http://www.authorgen.com/authorpoint-lite-free/powerpoint-to-flash-converter.aspx Free PowerPoint to Flash Converter

    As authorPOINT Lite free has now been released, you can simply import presentations into the software, which converts to Flash; it’s an excellent tool and just under 4 MB:


    authorPOINT Lite is unique in the way that it retains sounds and some animations and also offers a feature of upload to authorSTREAM, a free presentation sharing platform.

  • Elle Gabber

    I just think Flash format from PowerPoint is really useful for online presentation.

    But I am tired of those Flash codes. And I cannot find these tools Susan recommended. I think they’re dead or changed.

    Maybe SameShow PPT to SWF Converter is Wondershare PPT2Flash (http://www.sameshow.com/powerpoint-to-flash.html, http://www.sameshow.com/powerpoint-to-flash-pro.html), and Arbicate is Articuate Presenter (http://www.articulate.com).


  • http://www.digitalofficepro.com Jac Hilton

    Converting ppt to flash manually is too difficult. I tried many automated tools to convert PowerPoint to Flash, but many of them have various limitations. I found PowerFlashPoint gave better results. Here is the link http://www.digitalofficepro.com/

  • Guest

    Accurate conversion? If you are looking for a tool that can accurately convert PowerPoint presentation to flash definitely give iSpring Pro (or even free version) a try. You’ll not regret.

  • Guest

    I used to convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash manually but this is not that fast as I wanted, so I tried iSpring Pro http://www.ispringsolutions.com Works great!

  • Mario

    To convert Powerpoint to swf I use Presentation To Video Converter!!!

  • http://rowanlandscaping.com/questions/home-repair-questions home repair

    I didn’t know you could do this but it will definitely help out with our presentations.

  • http://www.seethrureviews.com/Sit-Stay-Fetch-Book-Reviews.html Rocket Spanish Download

    Thanks for the detailed post. I’ve always had trouble creating flash for my website and I’ll try this.

  • http://www.powerpointvideoconverter.com/ Guestd

    I use PowerPoint to Video Converter .Convert PowerPoint to video in all popular video and audio formats.And you can find them from google.

  • arrr

    I prefer to use VideoPPT for converting presentations…

  • taylaonus

    i got a wonderful tool to convert ppt to flash in flashdemo.net. recently i upload some video to my blog, keyfun.wordpress.com, clarify how to convert ppt to flash with effect samples, hope can help.

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