How to Build Relationships that Transform into Sales

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Over the past few years working on the Web at a deeper level, I’ve noticed that only a handful of people are actually working on building customer relationships. Heck, that’s where the real money can be made.

It’s really sad to know that the majority of people engaged in online selling never even say *hello* to their customers who bought a product or service from them.

Entire energies are being directed towards the pre-sales process, (still not much in numbers). Once the sale is made, very few people actually takes care of the post sales process.

The Fact: Repeat sales always comes from post sales efforts. I wonder how people can do business successfully ignoring such a powerful sales boosting technique.

It seems as if there’s some sort of “circuit switching” being used in businesses, instead of dedicated humanized communication link.

——- Sidebar Note ——–
I’ve used some networking lingo here to explain my point. “Circuit Switching” is something that gets established whenever a link has to be made on demand (e.g., telephone call).
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In our case here, whenever a seller comes up with a new product, or service, he makes use of his contact list heavily. (Not a very good idea, by the way.)

Whereas dedicated links are those links which are connected via hotline 24 hours round the clock. Fortunately, in the online business scene, you don’t have to pay such high cost of equipment used for dedicated links as in networking.

Today’s intelligent software does it all for you at a dirt cheap cost, with 100% precision, ease, flexibility and automation. One such great piece of software is “Mailoop” which I believe is like a dream come true for small business owners. I think it would be punishing for a serious small business owner to work without this amazing software. At least in my opinion. Read more info about mailoop at: http://www.NicheChallenge.com/mailloop/

Let me tell you straight from my own personal experience. Since the last three years, I’ve bought at least 30 digital products, and about 10-12 physical products. That makes a running total of 40-42 products.

You’ll be surprised to know that out of these 40 product sellers, only 3 of them actually took time to send me greetings, and free gifts without trying to sell me anything. I was really impressed.

Clearly, these guys got me for life. They sowed a relationship seed that will outgrow over a long period.

There’s an old proverb, saying: “If you want to be prosperous for a year, grow grain. If you want to be prosperous for ten years, grow trees. If you want to be prosperous for a lifetime, grow people.”

Since we all want to be prosperous for a lifetime, therefore, we must actively build warm relationships upon which our entire business activities revolve around.

How do you build warm relationships?

Well, you really don’t need to consult any relationship coach, rather your ingenuity will teach you everything you need to know for building customer relationships.

Here’s a quick checklist that should be referenced while drafting and implementing your customer relationship policy:

– VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT try to sell your product at first contact. Nobody wants to be sold. Provide useful info, facts, figures and reference material related to your business.

– Study your customers. Know what makes them tick, what makes them love you, and what makes them buy your product or service. Here if you have a well crafted niche, you’re already halfway home.

– Build a true one-to-one personal relationship with your customer by helping her in solving problems she may have, while trying to develop trust and credibility at the same time

– Develop intimacy between yourself and your customer, this helps tying a close relationship with her, resulting in repeat sales

– Design 24/7 customer help/support service if possible, and answer their questions or queries preferably within a few hours

– Make your customer feels unique. If you’re able to make her realize what’s unique about her, you have the potential for a lifetime relationship

– Burst out in the science of personalization

– Ask for any problems on a periodic basis, listen to her attentively

– Give her more care/service/info/value than she could possibly expect from you, or your product. This makes positive grounds for future or repeat sales.

– Take care of your customer as if she is your baby, give her all due care and attention she deserves

– Perform consistent and regular personal follow-ups asking her if she needs any help

– Integrate your sales message in such a way that she thinks that she’ll be crazy not to try out your product. Remember, NO BLATANT SALES PITCHES

– Develop a personal rapport that extends your customer relationship time span, using all the above mentioned techniques

Again, the above checklist can be further elaborated in detail. But since there isn’t much space available here, I’ll save these subjects for future articles and reports. If you’d like to have further information right now, check out: http://www.rightnow.com/

As a small online business owner, you now have the perfect opportunity to build warm relationships. Why? Because as I’ve said earlier, today’s software & technology makes it super easy for anyone to practice this phenomenal value building, and sales clinching technique that nobody ever thought of a few years ago.

For example George Tran, being president of a leading shopping cart system really knows the significance of customer relationships. I was literally blown away with his top-notch humanized, caring follow-ups and after sales service, and the way he treated me as his prospective buyer, and then after when I made a sale for his company’s wonderful product. You can see what Geroge is doing here: http://www.NicheChallenge.com/george/.

In closing, I’d like to stress on the fact that right now there is a perfect chance for small business owners to excel in the field of customer relationships. Software is available, tools are available. All you need to do is decide by what means, and in which direction you’re going to model your business as a unique successful entity.

Amin Khan of http://www.NicheChallenge.com is the active soul for helping you develop a successful niche based business. Subscribe his FREE ezine ‘The LASER’ to join the select group of pros who are driving the Net for success. Send a blank email to: majordomo@NicheChallenge.com with the word “subscribe laser” (without quotes) in the body of your email.

How to Build Relationships that Transform into Sales
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Amin Khan of http://www.NicheChallenge.com is the active soul for helping you develop a successful niche based business. Subscribe his FREE ezine 'The LASER' to join the select group of pros who are driving the Net for success. Send a blank email to: majordomo@NicheChallenge.com with the word "subscribe laser" (without quotes) in the body of your email. WebProNews Writer
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