How Readers Find a Blog

    March 7, 2007

When it comes to finding blogs 67.3 percent of readers rely on links from other blogs, according to a new report from Vizu Answers and Ad Age. Aside from links on other blogs, recommendations account for 23 percent of blog finds. Search accounts for 19.6 percent of blog finds and blog search engines make up 5.6 percent of blog finds.

 While word of mouth is an effective way to spread awareness about a blog, blog launches should also have links from established blogs and positive recommendations from influential bloggers. Launching a blog and relying only on search will not be enough to gain a meaningful readership.

 Blogs are a solid resource for some types of campaigns. Most blog readers are a receptive audience without structured programming expectations, which makes them a good source for spreading the word about original entertainment.

As to why people read blogs 65.7 percent said they did so to be entertained and 43 percent do so to find information on personal interests or hobbies. Thirty-two percent said they read blogs for educational reasons and 12 percent for work related reasons.

When it come to the type of information that blog readers look for 37.7 percent said niche information and 33.8 percent look for information on rumors, gossip or buzz. Twenty-eight percent they read blog to find information on breaking news.

Blogs do not rank high in the eyes of US advertising executives when it comes to being effective as part of a campaign according to the American Advertising Federation. Twenty-two percent of advertising executives find search to be the most effective in campaigns followed by 8 percent who believe social networking to be the most effective in campaigns.

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