How Frequently Should You Post?

    April 28, 2005

There is a great podcast over at View from the Isle – The Inaugral Business Blog Roundtable – on the topic of how frequently should you post’ on your blog.

Download the The Inaugral Business Blog Roundtable podcast.

I think its a great idea for a Pocast – in a sense its taking the idea of niche blogging (one theme – Business Blogs) and breaking it down into niche topics (posting frequency) and really fleshing it out with some quality business bloggers and consultants.

This week’s participants are Tris Hussey, Toby Bloomberg, Stephan Spencer, Wayne Hurlbert and Paul Chaney – all of whom would be worth talking to one on one – but whom when you put their heads together spark some interesting conversation.

Here are a few paraphrased comments that stuck out to me as I listened in:

  • Tris Hussey – has an editorial calendar to set targets/schedult of what he’s posting on which blog each day
  • Wayne Hurlbert – recommends 3 posts per week as a starting schedule and once a rhythm is established up it to 4 or 5 times per week
  • Stephan Spencer – too many posts can overwhelm your reader and create an unfocussed blog
  • Toby Bloomberg – encourages clients to break up the length of the posts that they are doing – a short post one day, longer one the next
  • Paul Chaney – How frequently do you want people to visit your blog? If its once a week – post once per week – if its every day post every day.
  • Wayne Hurlbert – posts once per day but experimented with more than that and found his traffic doubled over night
  • Stephan Spencer – series of posts are good but don’t break them up into too many short pieces because the Search Engines need more than a paragraph to index it properly (they decided that 250 or so is a good length for a post).
  • I’m sure there is more wisdom in it than that – but I’m only three quarters of the way through it and its time for bed! Will check out the rest later on. Well done Tris – great podcast – looking forward to more like this.

    So what’s the answer? How often is often enough for posting on your blog?

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