How Donald Trump Can Save America (Without Running For President)

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(image) This is not a piece about politics, it is about marketing. Earlier this year, Google announced that they would launch a new product that was widely reviewed by those in the know about the consumer electronics industry as a brilliant money loser. The product, called the Nexus One, was anticipated to be the ultimate contradiction in the closed and monopolistic world of mobile phones and carriers in the US … sold unlocked and open for any network.

It failed in part because the price point was more than any normal consumer was willing to pay in a country where most phone purchases are subsidized. Still, the Nexus One served an important role for Google, it showed other phone manufacturers what an Android phone could and should do. Today, there are many more phones available with the Android platform, in part because the Nexus One and its predecessor (the Google G1) inspired that innovation.

What does any of this have to do with Donald Trump? I believe he is using the same strategy as Google to inspire innovation and action in the world of politics. Disagreement and the inability for politicians to work across parties is causing a deadlock over just about every issue in Washington. It takes a crisis for any decision to get made. Added to that, the definition of a politician seems to have become anyone who is afraid to have an opinion about anything. Into this world, Donald Trump is the ultimate opinionated non-politician. For example, here are a few choice quotes from a recent piece about his bid for President published in this weekend’s Washington Post:

  • “I would go in and take the oil. I would take the oil and stop this baby stuff.” Otherwise, he would not go into Libya at all. As for the Libyans, “I’d give them plenty so they can live very happily,” he says.
  • He longs for the times when empires acted like empires. “In the old days,” he told [Candy] Crowley, “when you have a war and you win, that nation’s yours. This country is a laughingstock throughout the world.”
  • He believes that, despite the amount of U.S. debt held by the Chinese, the United States has a stronger hand. “They have some of our debt. Big deal,” he says. “It’s a very small number relative to the world, okay?”
  • If the Chinese did not respond to his overtures, he says, he then would impose a 25 percent tariff on all Chinese products coming into the United States. “As soon as they believe it’s going to happen, they will behave so nicely because it would destroy their economy,” he says.

You may admire his no-nonsense approach, or you might consider him a media-savvy opportunist – but he has proven himself a skilled negotiator and direct businessman unaccustomed to the usual politician double talk. The Washington Post article referenced above even notes that other politicians should “take him seriously.” Which leads to the big question … will he win President, or even run?

I think not, because it is simply not a profitable business decision for him to run. But will his threat and voice in the media force politians to emerge from deadlock and actually work together to accomplish something? Let’s all hope so.

Originally published on the Influential Marketing Blog

How Donald Trump Can Save America (Without Running For President)
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  • tara

    yeah! donaldtrump should not sacrifice his brand to inhabit
    the house of lies endless wars fulmination of the working class..
    the list goes on!
    he will have to lie
    bend backwards
    and clamor first israel
    in typical ai-packs gatherings
    from his own desk he can turn the tables around
    without intoxicating his life
    and loose his privacy for what..?.
    hard to imagine the builder brand
    plotting explosions of hospitals churches markets homes..
    as war loversmakers do
    surprisingly and a trauma for allobama believers
    he is one of them
    not a peace lover at all.
    exremely painful awakening

  • http://www.em3marketing.com Janyer Dominguez

    He is also a big fat compulsive liar, lets not forget this important fact.

  • http://www.em3marketing.com Janyer Dominguez

    If the Trump gets elected President that’s the end of the world as we know it. Don’t get me wrong I really admire Trump as a business person he gets things done. However as President of the United States we are in big trouble. There is not one politically correct hair on this head therefore we are royally screwed. He will shot it from the hip without giving to flying F*cks what anyone thinks or says. That is a recipe for world war three the final battle.

  • Birther

    Obama, provide your birth certificate! Obama is an illegal alien. Spent over 1 million dollars in legal fees trying keep the lid shut on the certificate. Demand Obama to provide his long form birth certificate!

    Trump for president! Let’s take Iraq and Libya’s oil to repay our dead soldiers’ families and our war expenses. Let’s withdraw from Saudi Arabia unless they cease increasing oil prices. Imagine gas at 40cents per gallon. :-) We need a real man in the White House! Trump for president! Pass the word on.

  • http://www.google.com Jack

    Lets make something very clear Mr. Trump, This country is a laughingstock throughout the world because of idiots like you who think when you have a war and you win, that nation’s yours. You are the same people who think, what america did to the native indians was fair till this day. America is not an empire, its a country.. we have the same rights as everyone else in the world who have their own country… Just because we have one of the strongest economy in the world, that should not make us a tyrant!

    Let me run for president! I need a job!

  • Adsense Publisher

    The only way I’d ever vote for Trump was if he cleaned up the wasteful spending and the giving away of America’s money to corporations. I think all the subsidies and tax breaks for corporations that make profits in the Billions should be taken away. That’s some of our budget problem right there. The other half is spending beyond our means.

    If Politicians are afraid he’s going to fire some people, I think they should be afraid if they’ve not been doing a good job. I do my job well so I’m not afraid of my boss firing me, but laying me off, sure I am. If he can’t afford to pay me, of course he’s going to have to lay me off, but fire me for not doing my job well? Not gonna happen.

  • nate

    Trump has had some good things to say, Dont agree with all of it though

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