How Do You Value Podcast Content?

    October 1, 2007

CEO of Gigavox Media, Michael Geoghegan answered that question in a video interview with WebProNews report Kara Ratliff at the Podcast Expo.

 How Do You Value Podcast Content?
How Do You Value Podcast Content?

Michael stated:

"How do you value podcast content and how do you convey that to your advertisers and in some cases even investors?

You have to figure out what your demographic is. Who are your listeners or viewers? Do they drive a Bentley or Yugo?

That’s not to say one is better than the other but it is going to matter in how you approach, what you can charge and how you are going to convey the value proposition you are offering.

Once you determine the value you are offering the next step is to turn into a sales person or hire one and then go out and approach potential sponsors that you think best fit your particular niche that you are targeting."

Michael also commented on the importance of being "genuine" when doing a podcast.

"The listener or the viewer can tell whether or not you have your enthusiasm. If you are trying to fake your enthusiasm, they can catch that from a gigabyte away.

You have to make sure you are actually genuine and enthusiastic. Otherwise you are just a hired hand." Visit Gigavox Media.

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