How Bipolar Is The Internet, Anyway?

    September 13, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The Internet is providing more and more insight into that collective unconscious Jung was always talking about. The most recent reflection of collective mood comes from Amsterdam, where a university project is charting the overall mood of bloggers.

Loading Moodgrapher has proved a frustrating endeavor once wind of it hit, but interested browsers can get there eventually.

Tracking a mood selection feature at LiveJournal, the Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam has produced the tool that updates every 10 minutes to show changes in mood within that realm of the blogosphere.

The tool measures negative mood selections like “enraged,” “sad,” or “numb,” as well as positive moods like “content,” “excited,” or “happy.”

For example, the graphs show the level of various emotions during the days surrounding the London bombing in July. Emotions like “shocked” and “worried” spiked on July 7th, while other moods like “happy” and “satisfied” showed a significant drop.

Just one part of a study on mood prediction, Moodgrapher still has some utility kinks to work out, or so says CNet’s Jennifer Guevin.

“It could definitely turn into a cool little tool if some functionality–namely archiving, date selection or location specifics as they relate to weather or local events–were added,” suggests Guevin.