House of Cards Gets a Nyet from Russia

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Last week, the showrunners behind Netflix's hit political drama House of Cards made a request to the UN Security Council – let us shoot a few episodes in your chamber. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reportedly thought it was a good idea – if nothing else to raise awareness for the organization – and suggested to the 15-country council that they let House of Cards film in the chambers.

Apparently, Russia has a problem with this.

A report from Foreign Policy says that Russia has nixed, or nyet-ed the idea of a House of Cards shoot. According to emails obtained by Foreign Policy, a Russian diplomat said that filming could interfere with important business, and they need to keep the chamber free for "unanticipated crises".

Apparently, Russia's not alone in its hesitations. A Chinese official reportedly offered support for the Russian position, saying they simply don't know enough about the content of the episodes to allow their filming inside the security council.

We do know that House of Cards is popular among American politicians (who fail to see the irony) and strangely enough, the show is also a hit in China. You may recall that Chinese-American foreign relations were a big plot point in the last season.

Don't count Frank Underwood out, however. If I were Russia, it might behoove me to remember this, posted (coincidentally?) earlier this week to the official House of Cards Twitter page...

Image via House of Cards, Twitter

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