House Democrats Arrested During Immigration Reform Protest

By: Chad Sweely - October 8, 2013

With the current Government Shutdown happening in Washington, D.C., many protests have occurred on The National Mall. Today, outside of the Capitol Building in Washington, an Immigration Reform protest formed, and eight Democrat lawmakers from various states were arrested at the protest.

According to NBC News, the eight Democrats who were arrested were: John Lewis (Georgia), Luis Gutierrez (Illinois), Charlie Rangel (New York), Raul Grijalva (Arizona), Joe Crowley (New York), Jan Schakowsky (Illinois), Keith Ellison (Minnesota), and Al Green (Texas). All of these House Democrats (along with other activists) attended the protest as a “sit-in” near the Capitol’s west side.

The eight lawmakers listed above were arrested due to “crowding, obstructing, and incommoding” (Source: CBS News). As they were arrested, the lawmakers did not resist nor retaliate; however, they were rather calm and collected, because it was certain that they were expecting to be arrested for what they were doing and what they were standing for, which was “to push Congress to pass broad immigration legislation that includes a path to citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally.” (Source: NY Times).

With their arrests, many of the lawmakers turned to Twitter:

[Image source: Vine]

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  • Well that is a start.

    Finally, the people that belong in jail got put there. I worked in a prison. Yes, some of the people in prison belong in there, but I assure you that many people do not. There are very many innocent people in our nations prisons.

    What I find amazing is that when you look through cases, you find out that some people in our prisons are sent there for next to nothing. They just couldn’t afford a good attorney or were intimidated into pleading guilty (this happens a lot – why do you think plea rates are so high).

    However, if you start to read legal databases you will find case after case of politicians doing something wrong, but they never get prosecuted or sent to prison. I remember a case that got sent across my desk. A guy stole $12,000 worth of copper and he got 10 years in prison. However, another case came across my desk were a politician embezzled 1.2 million dollars and did not even get a felony. He received a misdemeanor, a fine, no jail time, and was still able to receive his pension. The craziest thing is that no one could find the missing money and his fine was just a fraction of the amount. Something like 1/100 of the amount.

    The other case that was crazy involved a guy who was talking with a woman on the internet that he thought was of legal age. He went to visit her after she invited him 5 times to meet over the course of a year. It turned out the person who invited him was a member of a vigilante group that had previously been under federal investigation. Nonetheless, he was arrested, forced to plead guilty, and received a sex offense. The man never saw a person, was pursued for a year, and invited 5 times to meet, yet he received a 30 year sentence (5 years in prison / 25 probation). Conversely, another case involved a politician who got busted for having an affair with an underage girl. There was a real person, real sex (numerous times), and actually some violence involved. His case never even went to court. A man that never had a criminal record and who never even saw a person during his “crime” received a 30 year sentence but a politician who actually did something is walking around free as a bird.

    Obviously, I cannot give names of the people involved in the cases above but I assure you everything I wrote is the truth. (Although you may hear about the internet case next year. Several major news outlets are very interested in his story and may cover it.)

    Justice is not fair in this country. It is bought. Many of those politicians deserve to be in jail. I am glad the finally got put there today even though we all know it was symbolic.

    • debra

      I can’t agree with you more. The police have too much power and the judges are in cahoots with them. I experienced this first hand, I am fortunate enough to have the money for a lawyer but so many of the people in jail with me did not. Those poor people are lined up every day paying “on time” and sitting in jail. The whole system is just sad and you are so right it has nothing whatsoever to do with justice!

  • AHW

    How refreshing to see a few people of conscience remain in Congress! Why can they be arrested for a peaceful progress, while their colleagues get away with holding the country to ransom about legislation that has already been enacted? Ridiculous!

  • http://yahoo Tim Richmond

    When a person commits a crime. They need to be arrested. In this case they should also be removed from office. Just because you are a Congressman, you do not have more rights than the people who wish to legally use the sites where the illegal protest is being held.

    Enforcement of the Law is important including the removal of Illegal Aliens from our country. No, I did not say undocumented workers, I said Illegal Aliens which is what they are. It does not matter whether they came here on Visas and have overstayed there departure rates or whether they slipped in by nefarious means. Remove them!

  • joe desanto

    here they are deadbeats will support anybody but citizens spend our money so they look good no wonder this party has brought this country to its knees

  • tom pieluszczak

    Grandstanding photo-op hogs. This is what is wrong with many of our representatives in government. Arrested in support of illegal immigrants as citizens within sight of the mall are barred from visiting open air/open site memorials.

  • grtolJim

    Keep them locked up until they agree to stop stealing our tax dollars, and giving them to illegals and the Muslim Brotherhood[Our sworn enemy] or just try them for the treasoness B-turds they are.