Hotmail Increases Storage

    November 17, 2006

Microsoft has increased the storage space in Hotmail to one gigabyte, bringing it in line with what Yahoo Mail offers.

Gmail currently offers 2,785 gigabytes, a number that literally increases every day. This is the third time Microsoft has increased the storage for Hotmail recently, first to 25 megabytes, then 250 megabytes, then now.

One question: Why not wait for the wide release of Windows Live Mail to do a major storage increase? The obvious answer: Live Mail won’t be going wide for a while, and Microsoft got sick of waiting (and pressure from users). Live Mail, while a great webmail client with an amazing interface, is still not ready for prime time, a typical Microsoft project too ambitious for the real world. Just like with Longhorn, they decided to do something revolutionary, and are discovering that it takes a long time to do that sort of thing.



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