Hosted Business Pages From Google

    December 7, 2006

Google now hosts AdWords landing pages for those people who don’t have a website of their own.

The feature’s called hosted business pages, part of the (US) AdWords Starter Edition. “[I]f you own a restaurant, you might write about your award-winning cannoli; if you are a tailor, potential customers would be thrilled to read about your 48 hour turnaround on alterations,” Google writes.

Then again, people could also use the Google Page Creator, though I guess this new feature is an even easier & more integrated solution. The only problem here may be that non-technical people unknowingly miss out on scoring well for organic results, thus being “forced” to pay for AdWords, depending on whether or not Google lets their hosted business pages being crawled by searchbots or not.

If anyone from the US has a live example of such a landing page, please post away…



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