Hope Solo Faces Six-Month Jail Sentence For Domestic Violence

By: Val Powell - August 12, 2014

Seattle Reign FC goal-keeper Hope Solo appeared in court in Kirkland, WA, on Monday, asking for the dismissal of the fourth-degree domestic violence case against her through a motion filed by her lawyer. Her lawyer also asked that the court exclude evidence, including hearsay, in the same motion, saying Solo was a victim in the dispute.

Solo is accused of repeatedly hitting her half-sister and 17-year-old nephew during a family fight when she was visiting them at their Kirkland home in June.

According to police reports, police responded to a 911 call from a family member who told 911 that Solo was “going crazy and hitting people.” Court documents further read that when they arrived at Solo’s sister’s Kirkland house, the police heard shouting and found Solo’s sister and nephew crying and with visible injuries.

The sister said that they had just welcomed Solo back into their lives when she fought them that June morning.

Police arrested Solo –who was also reportedly drunk at the time of the incident– and she spent the next two nights in jail. The athlete pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor assault charges and was later released upon condition that she will appear before the court if summoned.

A few days after the incident hit the news, Solo apologized to her fans via Facebook:

“I understand that, as a public figure, I am held to a higher standard of conduct,” she wrote. “I take seriously my responsibilities as a role model and sincerely apologize to everyone I have disappointed.”

The court has set the trial for November. Should Solo be found guilty of the charges against her, she faces the possibility of spending six months in jail.

At present, she continues to play with the Seattle Reign and her managers have said that they will wait for the court’s ruling before making any decisions about her future with the team.

Solo, 32, has helped the U.S. women’s national soccer team win Olympic gold medals in 2008 and 2012. She has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and in The Body Issue on ESPN.

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  • PacePicante

    “…the police heard shouting and found Solo’s sister and nephew crying and with visible injuries.”

    17 year old nephew —-‘Crying’…? BBBWWWHHAHHHHAAA!!!

    This was a family ‘spat’ and no one was hurt – despite the prosecution’s ability to make a hangnail look like a gunshot wound… I cannot believe this is going to ‘trial’ in November. Just shows how totally Skrewed up we are as a society. Now then, onto something that is going to make people squirm, but it needs to be said out loud because it is something everyone knows, but none dare say anything about it… 9 times outta 10, whenever you see a White chick with a Black dude, it means family troubles on her side. Guaranteed. Don’t go calling it ‘racist’ because you know it is simply the Gawd-damned Truth…

    • OneWolf

      Didn’t said black dude beat her up before? Gee. wonder why they may have a beef with him…

  • St Obama of Assisi

    They also left out the part where the nephew broke a broom over Hope’s head.

    • gundagai

      That’s in the video news report. He used the broom attempting to stop Solo from attacking his mother.

  • Christian

    It’s about time Hope will face justice.

  • John Roberts

    Damn you guys are harsh. Really, 2014 and you think this is all made up? Just because she’s with a man who is black? What about the fact she was drunk and in order for a grand jury to find enough to take to trial, there might be things you don’t understand. And you say that society is screwed up? Well if it is, it is all our fault as we elect our leaders who make the rules. Just like in Florida, and the Travon Martin Case. That jury heard all the evidence, evidence in this case that is going to be withheld. The jury ruled and now we don’t like what the jury said. So, maybe we all need to elect different people now, see if they can remove the jury system or even the courts. Mater of fact but Fox news and CNN over ever single case out there. Until then, what else do we have but a system of rules that need to be followed. You all crack me up because no one has the facts, but the police do and the grand jury hears them. And let me remind you, the grand jury is people like you and me…

  • Ronnie Guitar

    Sounds like an All-American family to me. Aren’t these Napoleon Solo’s grandkids? I’ll bet that 17 year old boy’s friends are still giving him grief over this. “Hey wussy, your auntie been kicking your ass lately, Ha Ha Ha”

  • Ronnie Guitar

    She won’t be going to jail for 6 minutes. I’m sure she can see the judge in his chambers and “work something out”.

  • Get governmentoutofourlives

    Amen PacePicante, this law is out of control. Makes a mockery of any “true victim”