Honey Boo Boo: Sleep, Dr. Drew, And Why She Hates Her Fans

    October 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Honey Boo Boo has been on a whirlwind tour of talk shows and interviews since becoming the most interesting thing on television since the Kardashians, and apparently it’s starting to catch up to her. She’s tired, folks, and she’s sick of you all coming up to her in public when she’s eating or walking through a mall or farting in the Wal-Mart checkout line.

During a recent interview with Dr. Drew, Honey Boo Boo, a.k.a. Alana, feigned sleep to avoid answering his questions, much to her mother’s chagrin.

“Alana, come on so we can get this done and go,” she said.

When Alana finally “woke up”, she gave a firm and resounding “NO!” when asked if she was enjoying her newfound fame, saying she doesn’t like it when strangers come up to her.

It’s hard to blame her, really. After a few years of exposure on TLC’s “Toddlers And Tiaras” as a Southern girl with a whole lot of head-snappin’ attitude, she landed her own gig on the network and has cameras shoved in her face at all hours of the day, making it impossible for her to live a normal life when she goes out in public with her family, who are all just as–if not more so–redneckognizable as she is. And, of course, with fame comes the inevitable haters who make it their business to tear down a seven-year old and her family/way of life because that’s what trolls do. But Honey Boo Boo, as you can see, is done caring.

  • country girl

    she is a brat and i wont watch the show seen it 2 time they should not be on tv they make us look bad us country people are not all like this

    • http://yahoo kim

      This little girl started out being cute, but she is an over actor who gets much of her “schtick” from her mama.She is goofy, quite the little smartass, and needs to lose weight and stop eating sketti made from noodles and ketchup, and margarine. Its quite apparent that she is BORED, and needs a little kid time out of the spotlight. And ummm just a suggestion, have the daddy sugarbear wipe his frigging mouth, it makes me GAG.

  • Sharon

    Yes, Alana comes across as spoiled and out of control, BUT is it fair to blame her for the behavior totally? Look at her upbringing and the pressure her parents put her through by the scrutiny on TV. I watched part of one show and was really put off … ok, disgusted. But I do feel sorry for Alana. She is now a target for negative attention. Sad.

    • Crissy

      If she doesn’t want to do it then her parents need to get her out of it. It is more the parents fault then, her’s. She is spoiled and gets her way so, if she wasn’t making the money that she is making on that dumb show then the parents would get her out of it. It doesn’t matter what the child wants it’s what they want. I thing that is wrong. I am sure she is tired and sick of people bothering her when she is at the mall or somewhere they won’t leave her alone.

  • eloise

    I’m not sure she’s such a brat. Apparently in school she is quiet and well behaved and loves to read and is respectful. If you were her age and were on plane after plane and show after show, you would get antsy as well and fed up. She has no privacy any more and just wants to play with her friends. No kid wants to do this stuff. I’d have acted like a brat too except I would have gotten smacked immediately for it. The parents are too lenient, but I would have acted the same way as Alana. She’s only like 5, isn’t she?

  • http://42carma.wordpress.com Carma Chan

    Now I know who Honey Boo Boo is. I googled it because President Obama mentioned it. Shrug. Too bad she can’t just be a kid. Sounds like she never had a choice. If I were her mother, I would not renew any contracts. Stash the money away for later and let her be a kid. They probably won’t stop exploiting her.

    • Spoiledrottenbrat1965

      Her Mother (if you can call her that) just renewed their contract. They are nothing but pigs that should be put out to pasture and NEVER spoken about again. She will never be a kid she’s been raised as a piglet. Sorry but it’s true. IF my daughters acted like she does, they wouldn’t be able to sit down for 3 years. They did this show for 1500.00 an episode. That should tell you what white trash they really are.

  • http://webpronews.com ALI

    why is the learning channel putting this garbage on the air? what are we supposed to be learning from this , how not to raise your child , or maybe it’s how to get your child strung out on mountain dew and red bull aka go-go juice. If ths what the learning channel considers quality tv maybe the learning should be taken off the cable networks. no one can learn anything from watching this show except how to change the channel.

  • Kim Larsen

    I fake sleep everytime I see her and her family on a talk show in the news etc..


    I think the child could use a good attitude adjustment..I seen pieces of this show and its just trashy. Their diet is gross–the Mother is even worse..If Alana is sick of her fans believe me her attitude is wearing very thin with everyone including people like me who is sick of seeing her fat little butt on tv with her gross family–I know they are making enough money to at least, get their teeth fixed.
    So, I hope America improves their tv viewing soon–I’m about ready to cancel my DISH.
    Thank you for letting me air–I pay way too much in cable bills and for what watching a show that teaches you the wrong way to live. YUCK!!