Homeless Makeover Subject Arrested In Michigan

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James Allen Wolf, the homeless man who was given a makeover that went viral earlier this month, was arrested in Michigan on Sunday for trespassing and creating a disturbance in a Burger King.

Wolf, a U.S. army vet, has admitted to struggling with an alcohol addiction and has lived on the streets for several years. When his makeover--which consisted of a haircut, shave, and new clothes--began making the rounds online, many hoped it would be the beginning of a new and better chapter for Wolf. But it's not that simple, says Diane Birtles, director of shelter services at Mel Trotter Ministries.

“Addiction and homelessness is a complex condition. It’s not solved as simply as the video might indicate," she said.

The video, created by local filmmaker Rob Bliss, was meant to highlight the plight of the homeless and show that with a little help, anyone can get back on their feet and "look like they're meant for the cover of GQ". Bliss teamed up with Degage Ministries, a stylist, and a production team to create a timelapse video of Wolf’s makeover. “The homeless are people we ignore every day,” Bliss said.

Things seemed to be looking up for Wolf, as after the video was released he was reportedly attending AA meetings and looking for a place to live.

Wolf pleaded guilty to the charges and will serve 20 days of jail time.

Image: YouTube

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