Home -N- Linens Site Review – Needs A LIttle Tweaking

    August 15, 2003

The home page looks well laid out and clear, the only thing I would pick up on is that the *sale* is on the right hand side and not differentiated from the other links. Perhaps move it more centrally and make it in red.

Clicking into Linen Closet, brings up a sub menu in the main area and then clicking again takes into the product area.

Here the navigation fails after what is very well done so far.

Firstly at the bottom of the product page are 4 cryptic navigation icons – what do they do? Two look the same. Tooltip help here would help or different graphics.

Secondly how do I get back out of Doilies into Tablecloths? I cant see any way except starting the navigation again. So you either need to expand the left hand navigation to show the sub-categories when you are in the main category or perhaps add a horizontal navigation to the other areas in the immediate section or even a Linen Closet ->For the Table -> Doilies style navigation.

One of my pet hates is website that include products without images, when images are important to selling it. So No Image available is annoying to me.

http://www.homenlinens.com/asp/nlightingall.asp – There are a few coding errors on this page, that result in showing the code instead of the text, I haven’t thoroughly checked the site

Overall though the site looks credible and needs only a few tweaks to finish it off.

Peter Langford
IT & C Manager

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