Home -N- Linens Site Review – A Good Beginning

    August 15, 2003

First thing noticed about your site was a large area of “white space” to the right of the home page.

This was visible in both IE and Mozilla browsers.. Not good. You need to look at the dimnensions of your tables as well as cell padding to avoid this. Alternatively a “quick fix” can be achieved by hitting Blockquote a few times in your HTML editor to move your material over to the right.

2, You have linens as your main domain name why not keep pics of linens on the home page and then the other items on the second page? Have another look at your navigation links and see if you can make them more user-friendly. Where is the “contact us ” link.

3. While you have an external link for your CSS page you seem to have a huge amount of java script on your page proper. Is this really necessary as it slows down the load time considerably.

4. Talk to your host/server about a simple shopping-cart system that you can incorporate? “faxing an order” went out in 1996.

In general your page is fairly attractive but needs more work. All the best in your learning process.


Gregory J Usher B.Ec., Dip.Ed., F.A.I.I., M.Psych.
Designer/Inventor The EquipoisE Balance Chair

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