Home Depot Latest Subject of ‘When Corporate Tweeting Goes Really Really Bad’

    November 8, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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The Home Depot has been forced to issue a public apology after an unbelievably stupid tweet was sent out from their official account.

Home Depot has since deleted the tweet, but it will live on forever thanks to quick Twitter users and their screenshot function:

Yikes. Sure, it could have been an honest mistake – but dude. Seriously. Dude.

Someone got fired…

Get it together, Home Depot. I mean, is this the kind of thing you came up with to do battle with rival Lowe’s, who is absolutely killing it on the social media front lately?

As you can see, whoever is running the account now has spent their whole day individually apologizing to pissed off Twitter users.

And thus concludes another episode of When Corporate Tweeting Goes Really Really Bad.

Image via Imfromraleigh, Twitter

  • Yep

    Jobs mean a lot to people and you hurt more than one person when you fire someone. People make mistakes. Just remove the picture and go on with life. I hate to tell people but knee jerk reactions and instant firings don’t change situations. Often, that makes it worse.

    I will shop at any company that does not fire a person in this situation. I am all for giving people second chances in life.

  • Who are we kidding?

    America is so hypersensitive. When did we become such a country of wimps? One person tweets something stupid and people get so bent out of shape. You know what twitter reminds me of? When I was in grade school, there was always a couple of kids that would go complain to the teacher about the smallest things. Twitter was made for those type of people. It was made for cry babies.

    Yeah, it was a dumb tweet. Big deal. I can walk into any black neighborhood and within a couple of minutes I will hear the n-word or a comment about me being white. Racist stuff happens all the time. It will always happen. That is just the way human beings are. As long as there are two people left on this planet — human beings will divide themselves.

    The best description of human beings I ever heard is from the movie the Matrix. Human beings are simply a virus. We really aren’t that smart and we will never change. We will always fight or divide ourselves. Heck, we fight over political parties, even though all the politicians do is lie to us and screw us. That is how delusional we are.

    • kyle to the privileged

      If you ever had walked into a community outside of your own, then maybe you would understand why it could be offensive to those people. But you likely won’t because you don’t have to. That’s the difference between someone who can just say hey just get over it and someone that does not have the option to turn it off when they fell like it.

      • @kyle

        Go cry on twitter.

        I lived in the communities you spoke of for years. I actually have lived in many different communities around this country and the world. Blacks in America are the only people that live with a built in crutch even though the reality is that most people in the world have experienced bias. The reality is that it is the biggest double standard in the world. When blacks stop using the n-word and speaking out against the rampant reverse racism that exists, then I will start caring about what goes on in regards to race.

        You don’t ruin people and take away their livelihood over a mistake or poor judgment. That isn’t winning people to your cause. It is a freaking picture.

  • JK

    Twitter is stupid. I hate it. I agree with the commentor above me. America is in declining. We worry about too much nonsense and not enough real issues.

  • Sonnen

    Home Depot apparently is quick to fire people. My neighbor (22) walked closed to a forklift in operation and he was terminated right then after working there for so many years. I couldn’t believe it. No warnings, nada. He explained to me about some H.D.’s strict policy. That’s fucked up.

  • Robbie

    It’s all very well saying the person responsible shouldn’t have been fired and that this is just a mistake that was taken too seriously, but I’m assuming all those saying this are not business people and have never had the responsibility of a massive company resting on their shoulders.

    Yes, that one person has lost their job for a stupid mistake, but if they hadn’t acted it could have cost the company millions of $’s in lost revenue and the loss of many more jobs.

    Which would you all rather see, one idiot losing their job because they posted something obviously offensive to potentially hundreds of thousands of customers, or keeping them in that job, potentially having the same thing happen again in the future, and potentially massive loss of profits and the loss of many more jobs?

    It might be considered by some to be an overreaction, but you are obviously not business minded.

    • @Robbie

      Life isn’t all about money and profit. It is about doing the right thing.

      You used the word “potentially” three times in a row. Anything can happen if that is the case.

      You also assume a lot about the people making comments. I assure you that your assumptions are wrong. But then again, what can you expect from a person that throws around “potentially” and create situations that don’t exist.

    • @Robbie

      This will blow over in a week. Business will not be impacted.

  • Dave Clark

    I agree with the comments above. I would just like to add that if you watch black TV you will see and hear worse from black comedians. Why is it ok for them to say and mimic things about black people and for blacks to think its funny but not when other ethnicities do or say the same thing want someone fired or worse. We are way to crazy about things that are meant to amuse and make people laugh. If it is offensive then no one should do it even the color or ethnicity should do it to make people laugh.

  • http://www.localgoldmine.com/ Jeffrey Taylor

    The Tweet itself was stupid, but getting fired over it?

    Riddle me this, if it were 2 white people in the picture would anyone of cared? What if the creator of the tweet was Black, would he have been fired?

    The world has gone crazy with hypersensitivity and political correctness, and everyone is searching for racism in every word we breath. People on Twitter that were offended by this stupid yet probably innocuous tweet need to get a life.

  • Todd

    The post seemed innocent enough to me. Two human men and a guy dressed as an ape. Sure, they could have assumed that people would frame it in a racist context, but if that was the case I’m sure it would not have been posted.

    Pulling it down and admitting to its racist nature only makes matters worse in my opinion. They might have been better off telling the racist commenters to grow up rather than admitting that the offensive slur was intentional (which I would assume it was not).

  • Kay Pawlak

    Referring to an earlier post, the picture and caption would not have had the same impact if the men pictured were white.

    The times, they are a’changing.

  • Tim

    No wonder why brands are reluctant to get involved in social media. Who can blame them for not wanting to expose themselves to potential risk?

  • T.P.

    Stupid picture. But that is all it is. A stupid picture.

  • John

    if you children don’t start playing nice they’re gonna take twitter away and if that happens i’m gonna kick your arses after school!

  • America

    I wish a nation that supposedly is a Christian nation would actually do what Christ said to do. Forgive people. Yeah, it was a dumbass thing to do, but that is all it was. I hate to tell people but Twitter is not a good thing. All it does is allow people to make stupid random comments without having any context for how they are said.

    I kind of agree with a person above me. People on Twitter do remind me of kids in school that always went and cried to the teacher. I will give you an example. There was a sign outside of a restaurant that had a bad joke on it. That restaurant served 300 people that day, but 1 person found the sign offensive and ran to twitter. A man lost his job for something that 99.9% of the people ignored. One cry baby got another person in trouble. Just like what happen in kindergarten.

  • IDK

    Don’t people get tired of hearing about racism and sexism all the time? I know I do. I think they are important topics when there are major cases of it, but it seems like we make big issues out of small things and that weakens the whole point. It is like the boy who cried wolf. After a while, no one cares.

    There are millions of people out there. Not all people are going to think alike. Some people are going to do stupid things. We can’t get to a point where everyone wants the “thought” police. This is a non-issue. No one will remember this picture by the end of the week. It is one individual that just did something stupid.

  • Dom

    I think this reflects very badly on America and says more about the people and culture there than anything else. I’m from the UK. When I read the statement and looked at the picture, all I saw was a guy in a gorilla suit (him being the different one). I saw nothing racially offensive in the picture whatsoever and had to read all of the comments to see what the fuss was about. It never entered my head to think about the other two guys as anything more than human beings. I’m curious to know how other ethnic groups living in the UK perceived it?

    BTW, we had a funny TV ad in the UK featuring a gorilla playing the drums for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate and that was my first association with this picture.