Hollywood Insider May Help YouTube

    September 2, 2009

Thanks to positive word of mouth and a series of celebrity-driven commercials, a whole lot of people now know to visit Hulu when they’re in the mood for professionally-produced content.  YouTube’s still the site many folks see as plagued by amateur guitarists.  But Google might try to address that by hiring Jim Wiatt. 

YouTube Logo

Peter Kafka reports that "Jim Wiatt, the former head of the fabled William Morris talent agency, has been talking to the company about a consulting gig for its YouTube video site."

Assuming Wiatt hasn’t lost his Rolodex from his William Morris Days, there’s a possibility that he could put YouTube in touch with actors including Jessica Alba, Steve Carell, Bill Cosby, Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Hopkins, Hugh Jackman, Keira Knightley, and John Malkovich.  Perhaps musical acts like Willie Nelson and Tenacious D, too.  Impressive, right?

YouTube hasn’t denied some sort of involvement, either, instead offering the semi-non sequitur, "We are constantly exploring opportunities to reward the talented members of the YouTube community, including helping to distribute their content around the Web and beyond."

So stay tuned.  Whether or not Wiatt starts lending YouTube a hand, it sounds like something big is in the works.