Hollywood Hillbillies Will Air In January

    July 29, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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ReelzChannel has a new reality television series set to debut in January 2014. “Hollywood Hillbillies” follows a family from rural Georgia, and no it’s not Honey Boo Boo, as they make the move to Hollywood.

Making the trip is Michael Kittrell and his grandmother Delores Hughes, known as “Mema”, along with Kittrell’s aunt, Dee Dee Peters, her boyfriend Paul Conlon, and Kittrell’s uncle John Cox.

Kittrell’s video on YouTube has made him somewhat famous and he is now known as “The Angry Ginger”. He made his video to protest a “South Park” episode that was claiming that redheads have no soul.

“I made a lot of money on my YouTube channel, and I saved it all from the past four years,” Kittrell said. “I got my family with me to support me and help me while we all look for our place out here.”

  • Greg Burton

    OH! GOODIE, another friggin’ reality show. Please stop! These shows are boring, and not that entertaining. When are televisions going to stop cramming crap down our throats? I for one am not interested in viewing this garbage. Reelz Channel, I like my movies without commercials thank you, and I have no use for this type of viewing. I will be sure to add you to the ever growing list of junk channels.

  • Arnold Cohen

    Another paean to dirtball culture? When will it end?

  • Reality

    The sad part is that this is what Georgia is like. Once you leave the Atlanta area, God help you. All those stereotypes about South Georgia and all their corrupt little towns is absolutely spot on true. It really is kind of crazy. I once had a conversation with a guy from South Georgia who literally talked about the civil war in the present tense. Never heard anything like it before.

    • Joe Phillips

      @ “Reality” Bull-shit. Allanta is the DANGEROUS part of Georgia. Check out the crime stats. South Georgia, BTW, is in no way Appalachian. You are ignorant about Georgia and ignorant about geography in general and you have proven it.

      • @Joe

        First, I mentioned nothing about Appalachia. How you jumped to this conclusion is beyond me. Read what I wrote. Do you even see the word? No. Second, I live in Atlanta for over 20 years. I understand exactly what happens in Georgia. Atlanta is not very dangerous. Third, once you leave Atlanta, Georgia is simply backwards as can be. Fourth, how I can be ignorant about geography is crazy since nothing I wrote about had to do with geography.

        I am sorry my words range so true that you got upset.

      • Really?

        Evidently, you haven’t been to all parts of Georgia because if you did, you would know better than to come up with those generalizations like that.

        If you go to places up North, particularly Pennsylvania, you’ll hear people talk about the Civil War or Gettysburg there especially in their small towns. Unless, this guy talked about the Civil War in a derogatory way,there is nothing wrong with talking about history, as long as it is accurate and is in good taste..I’ve also been to small towns out of the South and I’ll tell you what,a great deal of these place make small town Ga look very sophisticated. You’re lying if you say that all of these people are like the Hollywood Hillbillies. I know this for a fact because I’ve been through small towns in Georgia and spend summers in a small town in southwestern Ga. You’ll be surprised at those same “Hillbillies” are college graduates ,are full of book and common sense and are highly intellectual. The difference being is that you’re not going to always know as too many people have a stereotype of what sophisticated people are supposed to look like.

        While the Hollywood Hillbillies are from Georgia,they don’t represent the whole state or small town Ga. However, I’m just sooooooo sick of people putting my state and Southern people down because of our culture. I’m proud to be a Georgia and to be a Southerner. I m sick of people saying something is wrong with you, your history and culture because it’s not deemed to be “sophisticated” enough for the world .I don’t want for the South to be like everybody. I’m already seeing Southern culture fading by transplants putting their own cultures. I like to live in a place where people are more open, friendly, laid-back and know what true living is about.. this is why I love being Southern.

    • Joe Phillips

      Your ignorance knows no bounds. The cities in Georgia are where the danger and crime are, Atlanta being the prime example. South Georgia, by the way, has 1/3 to 1/2 African-American population. South Georgia is in no way “Hillbilly” (appalachian). The appalachian area of Georgia is north of Atlanta. You have made quite a fool of yourself.

      • @Joe

        I am sorry what I said was so true that you got upset. Anyone who has ever lived in Atlanta knows that once you leave the city, you step back in time. Heck, you still have people that swear the south will rise again. Redneck. Hillbilly. Call it what you will. In the end, it is all backwards.

  • everready

    as with all reality shows, it will be just as real as the 12 year olds that write the script can make it. THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES may have used hollywood actors like BUDDY EBSON, IRENE RYAN, MAX BAER AND DONNA DOUGLAS, but the show was listed as a comedy meant to entertain, anot as a stupid reality show. hoping the 12 year old writers can at least use words these fakers can understand.

  • http://yahoo Jeaux

    This the same ginger tard that ranted on youtube about gingers having souls. He and “mema” are getting to be regulars on Tosh.0. I’ll bet Georgia is sooo proud!

  • Reg

    These people are from suburban Atlanta. Grayson is a city in one of the largest counties in metropolitan Atlanta.

  • Really?

    No Joe,

    Atlanta is no more dangerous than the Appalachians,it’s just a matter of who/who is not honest with their crime stats. I’m from Atlanta and have never been a victim of crime or live in a dangerous community…. which has been like that for 41 years of my life. I’ve learned something interesting about small towns and suburbs. You rarely I’ll see their people put their crime stats on the news because they want people to think that their neck of the woods are crime free. I do read their local crime stats and you’ll be surprised how “safe” those places are. I go to a small town every summer and trust me ,crime does take place in those places and they’re not always petty.

  • Nemo

    Why are people entertained by ignorant people making money off networks by embarrassing themselves. Don’t they have any pride in themselves? They just confirm how ignorant people from georgia are. I hate georgia and wish it would disappear from America. My grandson of 2 was murdered by a man in georgia and their justice system is the worst in the world. I HATE THE STATE OF GEORGIA! Bunch of ignorant freaks and the shows just prove how stupid the south is.

  • egee

    Sympathies for the loss of your grandson. Unfortunately, all states have laws that favor the criminals. I do not understand why people don’t riot to chang the so called justice system. It is so corrupt.

    All reality shows are ridiculous, showing ignorant freaks in all of them. Yes, the Kardashian family is a freak show. These shows prove how dumb people are becoming. Morals and ethics no longer exist. Society is beyond repair. Just look at how people won’t help a fellow human being in trouble, crime and murder is sky high, illegal drugs, corrupt city, county, state and federal lgovernments, and so much more.

    The average American has the intelligence of a rock.
    The popularity of reality shows proves it.