Holiday Text Messaging

    December 21, 2005

Recently, a division of AOL, Tegic Communications conducted a survey regarding text messaging holiday greetings. The information suggests that many would be willing or are planning to text message their holiday greetings.

They surveyed the U.S. and five European countries and asked if people they have sent or would send a “Merry Xmas” text message. The lowest percentage was in the U.S. at 39%. The European nations were all quite a bit higher with the UK coming in at 56%, France at 66%, Germany at 79%, Spain at 88% and Italy at 91%.

Then they asked how many would send a “Happy New Year” text message. The break down was a little different for the yes votes. The U.S. was still low at 35%. France was well above at 85%, then Germany at 88%, Spain at 90% and Italy 92%.

While the numbers haven’t picked up much in the U.S., Europe seems to be much a much bigger fish in the holiday text messaging business. At the same time though, many tech trends do catch on eventually. As text messaging over cell phones grows, one can expect all kinds of messages to increase.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.