Holiday Search Marketing – This Year There is Still Time

    November 28, 2005

This is a unique year for search engine marketers. In previous years, it could take anywhere from one to three months to see results from a website optimization.

SEOs watched for the monthly Google-Dance and watched changes in Google’s index cascade across the other search engines that displayed licensed Google results.

Today, every major search engine (except AOL) produces its own results and those results are updating themselves almost constantly. The time it takes for an optimized site or document to achieve strong placements can often be measured in days as opposed to weeks or months.

Following the US retail holiday calendar, the Gift-giving season will be upon us in two days time, the first day after US Thanksgiving. Website owners still have time to get strong placements under product specific keyword phrases before the online-buying cut-off of December 15. (Products purchased after Dec 15 are often expected to arrive late)

If you are still concerned about your search engine placements but think it is too late to take action before all the action is gone, think again. A quick phone call or email to your SEO or SEM practitioner could prompt a quick rise in rankings.

Jim Hedger is the SEO Manager of StepForth Search Engine Placement Inc. Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, StepForth is the result of the consolidation of BraveArt Website Management, Promotion Experts, and Phoenix Creative Works, and has provided professional search engine placement and management services since 1997. Tel – 250-385-1190 Toll Free – 877-385-5526 Fax – 250-385-1198