Hokie Stone Helmets Receive a lot of Criticism

    September 24, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Boise State has their blue turf. Oregon is known for their unique, if sometimes wacky, uniforms. And now the Virginia Tech Hokies will be known for being the first college football team to sport stone helmets:

Those helmets give new meaning to the phrase, “hit me like a tone of bricks,” (or stones in this case). Lest any moms out there think they have another reason to add to the list of why their boys shouldn’t play football, the helmets aren’t really made of stone–they just resemble the Hokie Stone that is part of the school’s history.

Virginia Tech will wear the new Hokie Stone helmets in their game on Thursday night against Georgia Tech. Hokie Stone is a name used for a type of rock that is mined near Virginia Tech, plus it is used on many buildings on campus. While the Hokie Stone helmets will certainly catch a few people off guard when they watch the Hokies and the Yellow Jackets on ESPN on Thursday, head coach Frank Beamer doesn’t care what outsiders think because the stone is such a huge part of the school’s history.

“When you look at this helmet, it’s not flashy, but it means a tremendous amount to this university,” Beamer said. “The outside world may have to do a double-take, but the Hokie Nation will know exactly what it is: Hokie Stone. And it’s something we’re proud of. The reason I like it, is because it represents what this program and this University are built on.” Beamer also says that the Hokie Stone helmet represents what the Hokies are all about: “brotherhood, loyalty, leadership, Ut Prosim, sacrifice, service, honor, and duty.”

Virginia Tech’s new helmets have received a lot of critical responses on Twitter. What do you think of the Hokie Stone helmets? Respond below.

The official page of the football team retweeted the following comment regarding some of the ridiculing comments:

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  • Hmm

    I wouldn’t have gone in this direction. Win ball games. That is all people care about anyway.

  • TheTom1

    Who cares what the underlying meaning is SUPPOSED to be!! Ugly is ugly and we now have a picture we can put in the dictionary!!

  • Tim

    I love them. What they symbolize for our University.

  • sean

    I wonder if the “author” knows the difference between Oregon and Oregon State? Obviously not. And for what its worth… I think the new helmets are pretty cool.

  • Bill Bradske

    Anyone ever been to JMU’s campus? Same stone but much prettier buildings. I mean VT is older than JMU, but it’s not like the stone is what makes the school unique and what they are known for. If anything the military stuff makes more sense bc of the Cadets. But all these uniform changes are just smoke and mirrors to try to hide their dying program.

  • alan

    I like them. It’s a Virginia Tech thing. If you haven’t been to Blacksburg, you won’t get it. Go Hokies!

  • neil

    As foe me the Hokies have the right to wear what they deem right….since the hokie stone is such a part of the school I say…go for it….good for VTech….dardto be different.