Hoda Kotb Rumored to Replace Ann Curry on Today

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Hoda Kotb is apparently one of the frontrunners for the soon-to-be-available hosting gig over at the TODAY show, according to the Daily Mail. Kotb, who is known for consuming copious amount of wine during her fourth-hour segment with Kathie Lee Gifford, was reportedly placed on standby should Ann Curry not show up for work. Word around NBC is that Savannah Guthrie is also being groomed for the position, which is expected to open up within the next few weeks.

For those of you who are late to the proverbial party, here’s what’s happening: Apparently NBC is none too pleased about the fact that “Good Morning America” has trumped them in the ratings. A lot of fingers within the industry are pointing straight to Ann Curry, who took over the position following Meredith Vieira’s departure last year. The network has begun negotiations with Curry, who will most likely be shuffled off to a place at the company where her strengths as a serious journalist can be properly utilized. This, of course, is all speculation.

To make matters worse, Matt Lauer isn’t too fond of Curry, either. TMZ reported last week that Lauer demanded a new co-host following his decision to stick with TODAY for a few more years. The tension between the two hosts may explain why the hosts rarely appear together on the program anymore. Despite everything that’s happening behind-the-scenes, Curry has remained pleasant and personable on the show, a testament to her professionalism.

Although Linda Stasi at the New York Post seems to think Kotb would be a perfect fit — she even referred to Kotb as the “female Matt Lauer” — some feel that she may not be serious enough for the show’s opening hour. Since the vast majority of viewers aren’t aware of her journalistic background, folks have simply come to associate her with the goofy antics and alcohol-infused shenanigans which comprise the majority of the fourth hour. This may ultimately prevent her from smoothly transitioning into position.

As a fan of Ann Curry, I really do hate to see her leave. Of course, I’ll be the first to admit that some of her interviews aren’t the most polished I’ve ever seen, and her awkwardness does, at times, make for some uncomfortable viewing. Still, I’ve always enjoyed her contributions to the show, and I sincerely hope that NBC can find a place for Curry at TODAY following her replacement. Her presence, I think, would be sorely missed.

Hoda Kotb Rumored to Replace Ann Curry on Today
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  • Erin Abadie

    I think that is a big insult, who wants a lush telling them the news, there has to be someone better, oh wait why not can Lauer and keep Ann.

  • TheBride

    They need someone with a real sense of humor! Neither Lauer or Curry have that, and Roker is way too cheesy. I’m for change.

  • Alicat

    I think Ann Curry is great! Her sensitive and humble nature is obvious and can not be faked. Shame on the “BigWigs” that made this mistake.I liked the variety of personality types, everyone brought something a little different to the format. I like Matt, but if he had anything to do with this, he’s so full of himself behind the scene, that I’ve lost my stomach for the show.I don’t care who they put in her place.

  • l p henley

    i would rather see Matt L. go than Ann. She is a very classie lady with great character. The so called big (little) wigs needs to look at the real reasons why their rating are failing. ANSWER MATT L.

  • Wilhelmina Smith

    I did not care for Ann, but I do now, because Samantha is not anything to look at, she needs a new hairdo and some dental work done, maybe that will help her speak better. I just cannot watch the Today’s show, since she has been on.

  • john bicknell

    Reading all these responses it seems evident that NBC needs a change. Maybe they need a whole new cast and a whole new format? Maybe viewers would return.

  • wiisad

    Hey, don’t hate on Hoda. She’s fine, funny and I would have loved to have been in that closet with her. I like Ann and I think it stinks the way they are treating her but Hoda is a good replacement. She didn’t ask to replace Ann. That’s my two cents worth. I’m out.


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