Hockey Coach Arrested For Tripping Child On Ice

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In the world of competitive sports, sometimes tempers get heated; it's understandable--especially in the game of hockey, which is well known for attracting hot-heads. It's part of the game, but when players keep themselves in check it's not a big deal. It's when things get physical that they become ugly, and that's what happened when a minor league youth coach purposely tripped a 13-year old opponent of his team.

It happened in Vancouver, where two teams of kids were playing a game on the ice. Afterward, the teams lined up to do that "good game" handshake they do, and as Martin Tremblay--coach for the UBC Hornets, who won the game--approached two players from Richmond Steel, he kicked his leg out and tripped them up. They both fell, but one of the boys absorbed the impact on his wrists when he hit the ice and sustained some injuries. It's unfortunate that we can't hear what Tremblay is saying on the video, but he can be seen pointing at the boys after they get up and start to skate away.

The incident has caused a huge backlash against Tremblay and the game's officials, especially since the child in question may have a broken wrist. Tremblay was arrested immediately after the incident and is facing criminal charges if the wrist is indeed broken. But some are wondering exactly what will happen to Tremblay if he doesn't receive a reprimand, and parents are questioning whether he should be allowed back on the ice after such an outrageous display of unsportsmanlike conduct.

"It was an incident that was unfortunate," arresting officer Sergeant Paulena Gidda said, "and it doesn't bring a great light to our community."

Lucie McNeil is the director of public affairs for UBC and said an internal investigation is currently underway of the incident.

“It’s really disturbing and of concern when something like this happens anywhere,” she said. “Our staff works hard to provide a safe environment for recreational sports to happen.”

Amanda Crum
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