Hitwise Stats Put Google On Top Yet Again

    April 8, 2009

Please understand that we’re not advocating actual violence.  At the same time, Hitwise has released a new report on the search market, and it’s starting to look like the only way Yahoo, Microsoft, and Ask can hope to catch Google is through the detonation of some explosives.

Google is, as you surely guessed, on top.  In March, it was the engine through which 72.39 percent of all U.S. searches ran.  Yahoo came in second, with a share of 16.36 percent, and Microsoft placed third with 5.50 percent.

Hitwise Stats

Ask’s month-to-month situation is a little bit interesting – it made a small amount of progress – but like the other runners-up, it lost share year-to-year, and the property remained in fourth place with 4.07 percent.

For something a little different, then, let’s look at the way in which Google handles its power.  Hitwise measured the amount of traffic it sends to different industry categories, and found a whopping 33.76 percent of "Health and Medical"’s flow comes from this one source.  Exactly 27.43 percent of "Travel" traffic comes from Google, while the "Shopping and Classifieds" sector should thank the search giant for 17.51 percent of the visitors it sees.

So although Google’s dominant position might make for a dull race, plenty of people aside from its stockholders and AdSense users are probably just fine with the situation.