Hitwise: LinkedIn Pretty Classy Place

    January 25, 2008

If you want to contact someone about a job, it’s not a good idea to throw a sheep at him (or her) on Facebook.  A better alternative, according to new Hitwise data, is to contact the person through LinkedIn.

We’re not trying to get into stereotypes; a poor man can easily blow more money than a stingy millionaire, and being wealthy doesn’t make a guy good at his job.  Still, compared to most social networks, LinkedIn’s users tend to represent two types of individuals, and as Robin Goad accurately notes, "Both groups contain the sort of people that are in demand, both as consumers and employees."Hitwise: LinkedIn Pretty Classy Place

Goad writes, "[LinkedIn] over represents with two key Mosaic lifestyle groups: Group A – Symbols of Success (people with rewarding careers who live in sought after locations, affording luxuries and premium quality products) and Group E – Urban Intelligence (young, single and mostly well-educated, these people are cosmopolitan in tastes and liberal in attitudes)."  It over represents them by quite a bit, too.

Even if this doesn’t open LinkedIn up to the sort of "all-in" applications and advertising that Facebook has courted, the situation could still benefit the company and its users.  In fact, Goad’s report may well be the sort of thing cofounder Reid Hoffman will wave around (or tactfully gesture at) if an IPO ever occurs.

In the meantime, we’d suggest you take advantage of these associations regardless of what "group" you’re in.