Hitman: Absolution "Tools of the Trade" Trailer Released


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Square Enix has been releasing plenty of trailers for Hitman: Absolution, mostly ones detailing the various enemies in the game. Today's new Hitman trailer, though, is about something a little more more important than good-old-boy weapons barons or sexy, leather-clad nuns. The latest trailer delves into the topic of what tools players will use to accomplish their goals in the game. In a word, the trailer is about weapons.

Overall, the gameplay of Hitman: Absolution doesn't seem to have changed much from previous Hitman games. Players going for stealthy kills will certainly want to stick with the garrote and silenced weapons. Those not looking to be subtle can a wide variety of high-powered guns, including shotguns, assault rifles, and hand-cannons. Snipers will have plenty of opportunities to practice their aim, and almost any heavy object lying around can be used to brutally bludgeon targets and henchmen.

Those who have seen the E3 gameplay footage will attest that IO Interactive has certainly provided players with plenty of options when it comes to assassination. In addition to the weapons in the game, there are many environmental hazards Agent 47 can use to cause an "accident." In keeping with the 70's exploitation film theme of the game, it seems many of these environmental assassinations will be a bit silly.

Hitman: Absolution hits stores in two months, on November 20.