Hitman: Absolution Gameplay Footage Revealed


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The pre-E3 game reveals are continuing today, and Hitman: Absolution joins Metal Gear Rising, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, and Star Wars 1313 by having teaser footage released before E3 even starts. Perhaps IO Interactive is trying to get discussion of Hitman: Absolution back on track after its recent teaser trailer featuring sexy nuns derailed the conversation into sexism discussions.

VG 24/7 got an interview with Luke Valentine, a producer for IO Interactive who showed off a mission from the game that is set in Chinatown. It looks as if the game is taking a page from the Assassin's Creed playbook, as Agent 47 wades through a large crowd of people while scoping out his target. Valentine stated that the "crowd tech" the developers have implemented can be used to hide or escape from police. The video then goes on to show the myriad of ways the assassination of the "King of Chinatown," who stands in the middle of an open market with a police escort, can be accomplished.

Check out the interview interview below and see for yourself how the new game will play. The Chinatown mission will be playable at E3 next week, allowing players to get a feel for where Hitman: Absolution is taking the Hitman series. From the looks of it, the game will be taking the series back to a patient puzzle-like assassination game. The release date for the title is November 20, but some fans who pre-order the game can play some pre-launch downloadable content called Hitman: Sniper Challenge.

(via VG 24/7)