HitBox, Omniture & WebTrends Popularity

    April 5, 2007

While comparing web analytics products on Google Trends yesterday I noticed that WebTrends has always had a strong presence in terms of search volume but over the last 6 months to 1 year Omniture has really started to make its presence felt.

Google Trends Both HitBox and WebTrends have remained solid since 2004 while Omniture’s upwards trend began in early 2005. In my comparison I didn’t use words such as SiteCatalyst or WebSideStory simply because they didn’t register very strongly on Google Trends’ scale, regardless it’s still very interesting. WebTrends = Red, HitBox = Orange and Omniture = Blue.

Web Analytics Trends

You throw Google Analytics into the mix and the other web analytics products pretty much flat line:

Web Analytics Trends