Hillary Traffic Doubles Obama Traffic

    January 25, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Okay, so I may have been wrong when I said Hillary Clinton wasn’t as popular as some gym socks. That was based on a completely unscientific straw poll of every sensible person I know. Hitwise has data, though, that suggests otherwise. Traffic to Hillary’s website after her big announcement trounced Barack Obama’s website traffic.

Damn you, Hitwise, for confusing my Truth with facts.

Four days after Mr. Pussyfoot Closet-Smoking Sounds Muslim But Isn’t Guy launched his campaign, Ms. Not As Witchy As You Think I Am announced that she was adding her name to the stampede of other candidates for President in ’08.

Hitwise’s LeeAnn Prescott says Hillary traffic doubled Obama traffic, though it looks a bit worse in line graph form. Prescott also reveals that a higher percentage of the Hillary traffic (14.8%) is clicking on through to the campaign contributions site than Obama traffic (8.9%).

But hope remains while company is true – there is reason to believe Obama fans are richer than Hillary fans. Demographic data reveals that Hillary’s base is skewing younger and poorer, if greater in number, while Obama’s base is slightly older, making a lot more money.

Both Obama and Hillary have taken to their messages to the YouTube generation in full force. Obama recently set up the “Obama Channel” on Brightcove, which will feature video messages that are cross-published on YouTube.

Hillary has also presented her case on YouTube in that robotic phony way of hers (oops, sorry) and also will be present on Yahoo! Answers asking the Internet populace what should be done about health care.


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