Hilary Duff Weight Loss: Back In Skinny Jeans

    December 4, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Hilary Duff, who gave birth to her first son in March, says she’s back in her skinny jeans and couldn’t be happier.

The 25-year old actress has been working with a trainer--doing everything from boxing to jumping rope–to get back in shape. But when asked about the pressure put on young Hollywood moms to lose the weight quickly, Duff was quick to say she’s been taking her time.

“…I mean there are photographers following me every day,” she said. “So you feel the pressure because of what people write about you. Not that they’re personal attacks, but obviously, when you see “Hilary Debuts Post-Baby Body!” you want to tell people, “No, actually, I was just going out to get a coffee.” There are some women who look the same right after — I think they are freaks of nature! I don’t know how that happens. I’m not one of those people. It takes your body nine months to get there — really ten months. So I’m trying to be patient but I’m working hard. And I think now more than ever, I appreciate my body and what it’s done for me.”

  • MTA

    Pfffft… 10 months? I was back in my skinny jeans in less than 1 month. Breastfeeding, eating healthy, not gaining an excessive amount of weight while pregnant.

    • Brooke

      No one cares about you…

      • Ashley

        Rude much???

  • Amanda

    Good for you MTA, but everyone’s body is different and reacts different to being pregnant, so fuck off with your high almighty bullshit. Congrats to Hilary for doing it in a healthy manner.

  • Brooke M

    No one cares about you..

  • Ted

    It’s easy to lose weight when you are rich. Try eating healthy on a fixed income and without people you are paying telling you what and when to eat.

  • kika

    where’s the skinny pictures?