Hilary Duff Wants A Man That Works

    July 2, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Hilary Duff claims that the reason she separated from Mike Comrie was because of his poor work ethic. The former Disney star said that the couple got along great but that she just isn’t into guys that don’t want to work.

Duff married Comrie in 2010 and the couple have a son, Luca together. A source close to Duff said that things started to go sour after Comrie retired from the NHL.

“She hated how Mike let himself go after retiring from the NHL,” the source said. “She never stopped loving him, but she didn’t want a stay-at-home dad who loafed around in sweatpants all day.”

Although the marriage did not work out, Duff and Comrie have remained close friends and are happily co-parenting their son.

“We’re really dedicated to taking care of Luca. We’re really good friends and spend a lot of time together – and we’re not in a rush for anything,” she said in an interview. “We’re just trying to enjoy our lives and figure out what makes us happy and it’s working for us.”

Although the friendship seems to be working out well and Luca seems to be a happy little boy, Duff admitted that things are still complicated between the couple.

“We do care a lot about each other,” she explained. “We’re adults and we’re making our way through life. Sometimes you do that together and apart.”

Duff said that she is the happiest she has ever been in her life and feels like she is growing into the person and mother that she needs to be.

She said that although things may not have turned out the way she had planned or hoped, she feels like she is on the right path and that everything will work out in the end.

Do you think Hilary Duff will get back together with her husband?

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  • Andrew Thomas Regan

    So, if a woman gives up her career, she made a huge sacrifice and put her family first. If a man does the same thing, he is a bum. Hilary Duff sounds like so many other female chauvinists out there. Women can be anything they want but men have to make money.

    • Spirit

      I don’t think she is saying that. She saying if she is out there hustling she wants a partner that is doing the same. Many people male and female want that out of a partner. As a woman I want that out of a partner. Many of us truly do want that 50/50 not 60/40 or 70/30 but 50/50. That not a female chauvinism as you call it. It the exact opposite.

      • 50/50? Right…..

        Funny women always say 50/50, but then when I ask for help from my female coworkers to help lift 50 lb boxes. They say they’re women and it’s a man’s job. Ok, same position same title and its a man’s job? I’m sorry, but it will never be 50/50 when women still do that. Every job I’ve had, all women are like that. I have only seen an exception of one or two women out of the hundreds, so I guess 1 out of a hundred to be fair which puts it at 1% of women are really only showing men that women want to be treated 50/50.

        I tell my girlfriend the same thing. She needs to man up and show me that women DO really want that 50/50 treatment.

        • MosquitoControl

          And what do you say when your wife asks you to vacuum the room? Jesus, you’re a Neanderthal. You’re a typical, whiny male that gets defensive about bullshit. I’m shocked you have a girlfriend. This seems like the ignorant rant of someone with a fedora and hello kitty tee whining about being “friend zoned.” You’re a terrible human being with awful priorities.

      • blursd

        I call malarkey on that entire statement. I’ve met plenty of women who have said the same thing, and in my experience it ALWAYS boils down to this. What you really mean is, 1) I want “equality” when it works in my favor, and 2) when “equality” doesn’t work in my favor I expect to be treated with a form of chauvinism that benefits me.

        Can’t have it both ways …

  • Williams

    That’s the quickest way for a guy to lose his marriage. Just quit his job.
    My poor father was never even “allowed” to retire because mom just nagged him if he wasn’t always busy doing something around the house (despite her wasting away much of her day talking on the phone or watching day-time talk shows).
    Now my oldest sister, who hasn’t worked in years, is complaining about her recently retired husband being around the house too much.
    When my niece’s husband quit his job and started his own business, which didn’t fare well, my brother and I both predicted our niece would file for divorce in a year. That’s exactly what happened.
    Most men wouldn’t work themselves into an early grave if there wasn’t a woman there to encourage the behavior. Vote me down, ladies. It’s true.

    • Universal Mind

      You’re exactly spot on Williams. Double standards are hard to drop. It’s called a STAY AT HOME DAD for a reason. He didn’t want a nanny to be his child’s mom/dad. He wanted to play an active role, daily, in his child’s life. Many couples WHO WANT TO MAKE IT WORK out, realize that after having a child, the one who makes the most money (most likely her), would keep their job, while the other takes care of their child (which isn’t an easy ‘job’ in and of itself). Don’t worry though Williams, women like Spirit above will certainly thumbs you down for sure… doesn’t make them right.

      • MosquitoControl

        Again, this is naïve and antiquated, even though you pretend that you’re fighting a double standard. She didn’t say he’s staying at home with the children, she said he’s loafing in underwear. That’s not what she married. And you’re right, some couples decide one should stay home. Personally, I would never marry someone that wants to be a stay-at-home mom. Career ambition is very sexy to me. If I married someone that claimed they were one thing, then gave up their career and decided they wanted to stay home with the kids all day, I’d be extremely disappointed, too.

  • jay

    Most couples i know with children the woman would rather work now and the man stays at home with the kid(s) times have changed she should have just been happy he was in the childs life. It is the little things that count.

  • ekayr

    What happens is that one looses respect for that person.

    • ekayr


  • augie

    he’s a househusband HAHAHA what a loser. i’d do that slave hilary 3 ways. spank her too 😉

  • yadecin

    That is what happen when you marry a professional sport athlete, there career span is small and they have nothing to fall back on too.

    • MosquitoControl

      Actually, plenty have something to fall back on. More than a small handful of NHL players are working in investment banks. Some have founded VC firms. When you have millions in the bank, you can find your way to doing most anything you want.

  • B Weir

    As usual, only the “celebrity side” of the conversation matters to these sensationalist magazines. Nothing “sensational” about you, webpronews.

  • $12386437

    Maybe she should seek out a man “who” works, not “that” works.

  • jackmeyhoffer

    I’d bang her hard and frequently and in every orifice.

  • Stephan

    She would need a man who can get up off his ‘Duff’ and work.
    Hard to do when you have a sugar momma.

  • L84Cabo

    Love is accepting someone for who they are, not trying to change them into who you want them to be. The dude, no doubt, worked his rear end off. And I assume he is fine for the rest of his life financially. So what’s so wrong if he just wants to have a quiet life, chill at home, be with his family, etc? That seems like a pretty nice life to me…chilling and focusing on your family instead all the stress and B ES that comes with most jobs. And lets remember we’re also talking about Hillary Duff. She, no doubt, worked very hard in the past too. But come on…her 15 seconds is up. I’m pretty sure that whatever she’s doing, she’s not working that hard these days. The guy loves you. Is a good father. And actually has both the time, and apparently, desire to spend with you. What else do you want? Women…they are NEVER happy.

    • MosquitoControl

      What’s wrong with it? Because someone that spends all day loafing around the house in underwear grows dull to talk to, particularly if you’re someone that finds ambition attractive. And don’t be naïve, she isn’t trying to change him, he was a successful athlete when she married him. He changed.

  • stupid obama


  • Jack Offerman

    Maybe she should have better character judging skills instead of basing relationships solely on emotions(lust).