Hilary And Mitt Making A Mint

    June 4, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Another useful service has emerged from OpenSecrets.org, the site that tracks Congressional fundraising, with a look at how Presidential candidates spend what they have earned.

If fundraising equaled votes, Hilary Clinton and Mitt Romney would be penciled in as the 2008 Presidential candidates already.

Resource Shelf noted the opening of the latest feature on OpenSecrets. The 2008 Presidential Election pages have opened, showing the massive fundraising that takes place throughout the various campaigns.

“Running for president is a bit like running a medium-sized business for two years, and the overall race amounts to a decent-sized industry,” OpenSecrets said in its announcement.

People can visit the Presidential pages to see the dollar amounts raised and spent by the candidates. It’s equally interesting to see where that money goes. OpenSecrets found overall that virtually 58 percent of the cash goes right back into administrative costs, while 18 percent made it to campaign expenses.

Contributions from selected industries can be viewed in lists that show who has picked up how much. Clinton, Romney, and Obama are the big winners in Computer/Internet money, while Rudy Giuliani leads in Casinos/Gambling contributions received.

Another feature shows how candidates have fared in state by state fundraising. In the WebProNews home state of Kentucky, Obama leads Clinton, but trails her and John Edwards in Lexington. Similar data is available for each state.