High School ‘Hotness Tournament’ Stirs Up Controversy In Washington

    May 7, 2013
    John Vinson
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Ah, high school, rife with awkward growth, social situations, and trying to just make it to college so you can party somewhere other than a field or at a parent’s house. A high school in Issaquah, Washington has taken the awkwardness to a whole other level, by none other than rating the hotness of their female peers. In an online tournament called ‘May Madness’. The high school females are pitted against one another, and the boys vote on who’s the sexiest.

According to a local news affiliate, the tournament has become a tradition in the last five years, and there’s nothing the local school district can do to shut it down.

According to the local school district, they’re powerless to do anything beyond discouraging the tournament since the contest doesn’t take place on school grounds. The police have gotten involved in the past, able to shut the site down temporarily due to vulgar and profane comments attached to people’s names, but were only able to do so much. Many parents, students, and community members have spoken out against the contest, claiming it sexualizes young girls, leading to self-esteem issues.

Sarah Niegowski, the district’s spokesperson, said this about the people running the website, “These are pretty smart folks behind this. They know their first amendment rights. They’re very quiet about who it is and the group behind it”

There is a May Madness Facebook page, however, there are only photos of the boys attending the school. According to those who have been tracking the contest, the people running it have done a good job in keeping outsiders from accessing it.

  • Ammiel

    This is very bad. An easy way to being girls self esteem down, i’m in college and I totally disagree with this.

  • Eric

    The United States of the Offended. Same reason why theres now old ugly chicks and gay guys as “flight attendants” because of jealous people. They wouldnt be complaining if they werent ugly or fat. GET OVER IT! There is nothing wrong with being proud of good looks.

    • Dave

      Being proud of good looks is lame, just like being proud of being from a rich family (when you didn’t earn it). It also implies a sense of superiority to be people who look different from you, like a racist being proud of being white. Good looks are not an accomplishment, they are a result of luck for the most part. Kids who are overly proud of, or rely on, their looks will have problems later in life as well, when their looks fade and they haven’t bothered accomplishing anything real.

      • jewhader

        what a homo you are

  • getoverit

    Get over it! This stuff has been going on for YEARS. Quit being so quick to get offended and deal with it on your own. If you have low self esteem FIX IT. That’s where prime parenting comes in. These kids nowadays are so pampered and protected let KIDS BE KIDS!

  • http://Letsbereal Shaun

    The only people who have a problem with this are the people who wish they were at the top. And who cares about this type of tournament? Its just horny high school boys saying who they think looks good, INCREASING the confidence of girls who win. OH NO, thats unfair, we cant hurt someones feelings! Lets make everything equal in a world thats far from it, and pretend that it is! Is that what our students need, the idea that no matter what they don’t have to compete, and theyll be accepted? Just the culture of America today. And hey, if girls are offended they dont get attention from being good looking, it will drive them to achieve in other ways to get noticed (school) (success).

  • poorbabies

    I think it’s funny when people get offended by people getting offended. Especially the people who think this ‘hotness’ contest is good. I imagine you were early peakers, too. High school hotshots who now live in a trailer with your meth-head lover/cousin guzzling cheez whiz and mountain dew cocktails all day. And now here you are, trying to defend that lifestyle because your memories are all you have. Losers.

  • Jim Wink

    Whether you guys like it or not its a FREE country. Sometimes freedom is hard to deal with. People are free to speak their minds about their peers.

  • Blight

    I love it. Anything to piss off the uglies and thought police.

  • Cosmic

    Well, seeing as everything else in high school aside from grades is a popularity contest, I can’t really find the energy to try and say something horrible about this. I disagree with it, but there really is no good way to stop it at this point. Though, I think that they should maybe try to get the girls to agree before they do anything. Honestly, just stop spreading it on the internet.

  • Mandie

    Its no wonder there has been a rise in sexual assaults its not just about good looks idiots, its about sexy which doesnt belong in school systems. Beautiful people know they are beautiful they dont need a competition to line them all up and show them all off to any perv.

  • Todd

    Ladies, LIFE is a hotness tournament.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Jack Handy

    Americans are hilariously funny to watch….

  • Mike

    Umm, I think the power of the internet has given too many a freedom of speech, funny I dont see anyone pulling over throwing towels on the teenage girls in bikinies while they try to get people (Men) to come to their car wash, six perfect body girls one guy and the one huge girl holding the hot girls water.. ya you guys have it all figured out.

  • your mother

    facebook originally started as a female rating site. its what we as guys do. deal with it.

  • john

    So, are the miss america pageant and other beauty pageants offensive too? Should they be illegal? Th kids have the right to do this if they want to it is no different then the conversations guys normally have anyway. Besides you generally only include at least moderately attractive girls in these types of things.This is stupid yeah and it sucks for the losers but some of the winners could be self conscious too and maybe this helps them out.

  • Bill

    This story is So useless without Pics its not even funny

  • Ken

    What I find crazy about this is that the girls that dont get voted the hottest everyone says their self esteem will go down. WHY? If the parents brought the girls up to not listen to everything that is said about them to be true, then they wouldn’t have to worry about it. I have 2 teenage daughters that I always talk to about if someone doesn’t like the way you dress or look, then OH Well to them. They are not you, so why should you care what others think about how you feel like dressing or look? They agree, they dont live off peer pressure as most kids do now a days.