Hiding, Color Rules Added to Google Spreadsheets

    October 17, 2007

Google Spreadsheets has several new features, as a Google Docs Guide in the official help group on the subject announced today:

Google Docs

  • Cell colors based on your custom rules (like “text contains: …”). Just right-click any cell and pick “change format with rules…” from the context menu that appears.
  • The ability to hide columns or rows. Right-click a row or column header and pick “Hide…” from the context menu.
  • Printing now works based on a PDF for more precise results.
  • A new function called IfError to do some error-handling for friendlier error messages. (The Google guide said IfError is explained in detail on the function overview page, but it’s not there at the time of posting.)

[Thanks Veky and Pau Tomàs!]