Hidden Chronicles: Zynga’s New Hidden Objects Game Available Today


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Popular game maker Zynga has just launched their newest Facebook addiction. The company has announced on their blog that Hidden Chronicles is now available on Facebook in 15 languages. Hidden Chronicles is a hidden objects game that tests players’ observation and memory by showing them a variety of scenes and presenting them with lists of items to find. Players earn bonus points for finding objects in rapid succession, and for completing scenes quickly.

Hidden Chronicles - Paris Bistro

The game opens with a letter from your uncle, who says that he is in danger and asks you to come quickly. When you arrive at his mansion, his assistant informs you that he has had a tragic and mysterious accident, and that there are clues to what he was involved in hidden about the mansion. After solving an easy scene in your uncle’s library, you are informed that you, like him, possess a mystical ability to see the history of objects you touch. From there, you set about finding objects in your uncle’s mansion and seeing scenes from their past. Your task is to find an array of items hidden in the scenes.

Hidden Chronicles - Uncle's Letter

Never fear that Zynga has forgotten their FarmVille/CitiVille/FrontierVille roots, though. It seems that with your uncle’s passing you have inherited his manor, and it’s now your job to help the caretaker keep the place up. To that end, there’s a market where you can acquire various decorations to go on the property. Beautifying your uncle’s property is another way to unlock new scenes to play.

Hidden Chronicles - Ramsey Manor

The game also includes a variety of social features, which should surprise no one. Players can share their achievements by posting them to their timeline, or visit their friends’ mansions and leave gifts for them to find and challenges for them to play.

All in all, this is another solid entry from the king of addictive Facebook games. Gameplay is engaging. The scenes are challenging without being too hard, and are beautifully rendered. Head over to Facebook and check it out, then come back and let us know what you think in the comments.

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