Here's Your Super Bowl XLVIII Preview Courtesy Of NMA


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Beast, Macklemore and chugging bottles of Cheez Whiz - all signs of the impending Superb Owl Super Bowl.

During the past week, we've already seen a number of predictions regarding which team is going to take home the trophy this year. The two big ones - the Madden NFL simulation and players from both teams playing Madden - both have the Broncos winning the game. What do our favorite Taiwanese animators think?

NMA doesn't like to play favorites and point out that it's going to be a close game. They point to the Seahawk's impeccable defense and the Bronco's unstoppable offense as signs that Sunday's game may be pretty close. Of course, even in the end, we all know the real winner is going to be the Polar Vortex as it has already dominated America much like the Seahawks have dominated Bing search traffic.

Image via Taiwanese Animators/YouTube