Here’s What a Google TV Remote Looks Like

Sony Google TV Remote Makes Appearance on Nightline

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ABC Nightline ran a story last evening about Google’s plans to take over the living room with Google TV. As you may know, Sony is one of the launch partners and will launch HD TVs and Blu-ray players supporting the service. 

During the story, which has been made available by Hulu, a new Sony commercial for a Google TV HD TV is displayed, along with a remote control for that TV, which comes with a keyboard and directional pads (hat tip to Engadget). 

It’s important to remember that the remote is just for one Google TV device. Google TV will come to different devices, which will have their own controls. You will also be able to use your Android phone or iPhone as a remote control. 

One feature of Google TV that has kind of been overlooked is that you can use voice search to control it through your phone. Much has been made about the fact that you can control it with your phone, but as Google TV product manager Rishi Chandra demonstrates in the video, you can simply speak to search for what you want to watch. Just in case we weren’t lazy enough, sitting on the couch watching TV, we can somehow get less exercise during that time. 

The video claims that when Google unveiled Google TV earlier this year, they had little more to display than a cartoon-like experience, but that’s not exactly true. They did have a cartoony demo video, but the company demonstrated much of Google TV’s functionality live at Google I/O. It was quite impressive. 

Read here for our thoughts on why Google TV has the opportunity to make a huge impact on the web, and why that means big things for your business. 

Here’s What a Google TV Remote Looks Like
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  • Michael Wilkins

    Looks great on my computer, how will the other companies like Uverse who I have take this new format after spending considerable abount of money in developing their own great produsct.
    I have used a lot of companies to watch tv with, and Uverse defintely has the no 1 product. Google tv is going to have to be able what Uverse does now have and go beyond. Facebook twitter are fun to play with, but way to much personal information is broadcasted over the internet.
    I like the idea of getting back to living room just don’t make it evrywhere else too.

  • Miranda

    I like the keyboard, It makes it easy to know where it always is. I love being able to search the net and watch my shows at the same time, not only that but being able to blog about my shows while watching them from the same device! The same day they air! It doesn’t get better than that! As a DISH employee (since we sell the Revue) I am lucky enough to know when the updates and new apps are coming out and I am so excited for the other ones!

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