Here’s The Matt Cutts Video We’ve All Been Waiting For

    August 14, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Okay, maybe you weren’t waiting for it, but if you’ve watched a lot of Matt Cutts videos (which I assume you have if your’e reading this), it’s kind of funny.

The video comes from OnlineMarketing.de, and it’s called, “It’s a party in here!” I’m not sure if it tops the classic Cutts video parody in which he discusses “How to rank #1 in Google,” but still.

For more Matt Cutts-related humor, check out his halloween costumes and his extended dinosaur video.

[via Search Engine Roundtable]
  • Tony

    Matt Cutts is a doosh, so are his/Google’s linking rules. Sorry Matt, get a life, stop worrying about who I link to.