Here’s That Giant Squid Everyone’s Talking About [Video]

    January 9, 2013
    Chris Crum
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There have been a lot of reports out about a giant squid being videotaped for the first time. Not all of the coverage, however, has come accompanied with video footage, for some reason.

Some news organizations have shared footage, however, and luckily, have made the videos embeddable.

ABC posted this one:

Here’s one from the AP:

The LA Times shares a quote from Eddie Widder, a marine biologist, who was part of the team that got the footage:

“All of us were so amazed at what it looked like. It looked carved out of metal. And it would change from being silver to gold. It was just breathtaking.”

I wouldn’t want to run into it in a dark alley.

  • http://google nightmare joey

    must be that nuclear radiation;from the reactors;lets see if they can locate those undersea reptilian bases

    • Kootsiak

      They’ve been finding these in the ocean for decades now. This is the first time it was filmed alive. Otherwise, we find full dead specimens or their beaks in the stomachs of big whales (their beak is the only hard part of their body).